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Leslie Storrs

 I could not be happier to be with this company. I am sad that I didn’t do it a long time ago. I can’t find anything bad about this company. Every day, every week, I learn more of what is available, whether it’s services or resources or people or ways to help me improve my business. The pre-list services are incredible whether it’s the photos, the floor plans, turning it into the videos, the whole package of preparing the property for sale, and the team that comes to the property and does it. The owners, the sellers are super impressed. They love it. They can’t wait to share it with everyone, and it makes us as agents look like heroes.

I have learned from Anthony that there are opportunities everywhere. I overheard him the other day talking to another agent about a lead. The agent was very discouraged by the lead because the lead didn’t look like it was legit, didn’t look like it was something that would amount to anything. And I would say that 95% of the agents would just drop that lead and not pursue it at all. Anthony gave her advice of how to approach it and how to try to cultivate it, and she did. She tried it, and I think it’s working.

There is not a person in this company who isn’t part of the success of the agents of the teams of the company of the offices, and everyone is looking forward to the future. Everyone is always anticipating what will come next, how can we make things better. I don’t even know how we could make things better, but they’re always trying to do it anyway. Or what are we missing? What can we improve? What can we tweak? It’s all about the future. We’re definitely meeting new agents all the time.

I’ll be honest that some of the agents that came over with me, I didn’t even ask them. I just said this is where I’m going, and they said, “Okay, I’m coming too.” This company is going places. This company is going to build not like mushroom cloud, the right mushroom cloud. It’s not going to be like a mushroom cloud that implodes like some brokers tried to do where they just want body, body, body. This is the right kind of people. It’s the right kind of growth. It’s natural and it is success. It is breeding more success.