Leslie Storrs

Since I came to Lamacchia, I have increased my business. Some of it is that I have more time to focus on the important things of the transactions and finding new business instead of some of the minutia. Some of it truly is the marketing, the brand that’s been created, and the exposure that Lamacchia has. You go and meet with a seller or a buyer and they know who you are already. There’s a part of who I am in real estate that I don’t have to prove anymore.

Lamacchia provides a great deal of assistance. Some of it is the basics of your transaction and the support and keeps you moving forward in the transaction. You also have the opportunity to purchase more assistance for listing side or buyer side, and I will tell you that I do that on every single transaction and the dollar that I spend is worth way more in real life for what I get and the help that it provides. What’s really odd is that I thought I had a decent balance work-life before I came to Lamacchia, but I realized that I didn’t at all. Now that I am using all of the tools here, it is night and day, and I have more time for me. I am working way smarter, still hard, but way smarter.

You can’t bottle the culture that we have at Lamacchia. It is like no other, and I don’t– Good luck to anybody who tries to duplicate it. The agents supporting each other, the family feel to the offices and the events, and if you need something, you reach out and someone will help you, and if they’re not the right person to help you, somebody else will help you. All they want to do is see you succeed.

One of the things that I love about the support is that it is available to you all the time. You can email into an address on email and someone gets back to you in a matter of moments. The really beautiful thing is no one has ever written back and gone, “Oh, that’s a stupid question.” There are no stupid questions. If you’re stuck on something, somebody else is probably stuck on it, too.

It’s been interesting a couple of times I’ve asked for support on an item, and then, there might be a blurb that comes out on it or it might get featured in one of the updates in the month because they’re realizing that if more than one person is having the same question, then, maybe we need a little more support with that. That’s one of the things that Lamacchia does, that they’re always ahead. Whether it’s Anthony or a member of the team, someone is always ahead to anticipate what is needed.

One of the most important things about working with new clients is remembering to touch base with your old clients. The CRM that we have in the hub is awesome because it actually has built-in tasks to remind you. It’s always something that we think about, “Oh, I need to touch base with Susie, who just bought a house a month ago, a year ago.” The hub will help you stay on track, help you do that follow up, and hopefully, lead to more referrals.

Some agents consider moves to other companies, and they get really on the fence like, “What’s it going to be? How am I going to make it work? Am I going to be successful?” My words of advice are, don’t wait. The sooner you do it, you’re going to wish that you did it months ago, a long time ago. Seriously, take that leap, believe in yourself, and know that the Lamacchia support net will be here to catch you if you need it, but I don’t think you will.”