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Lamacchia Realty provides agents with leads for both buyers and sellers, so they have a chance to build up a pipeline of clients and make some sales. This is a huge relief for agents especially those new to the business, as it can be frustrating in the past to always be chasing potential leads with no guarantee that they’ll actually turn into anything. With Lamacchia Realty, you know that the leads are quality ones that have a good chance of converting into actual business. 

Anthony Lamacchia: The fact is when you’re new in this business you need leads. Even when you’re three years five years into this business you need leads. That’s why we spend the money on behalf of the agents to bring in the leads and we give them to the agent.

Lindsay Thompson: Because we have so many different paths for leads to get to us, we sometimes end up with a lot of leads, which is a good problem to have.

Michael McGrory: An agent can expect to always have leads. It’s pretty much that simple we do have a simple rotation.

Kip LeBaron: One of the things that I didn’t get at my other companies was real customers looking to buy homes or looking to sell homes and with Lamacchia Realty they provide leads for me. Whether it’s a buyer lead or a seller lead, I’m getting those opportunities to actually make a sale or have someone sign on with me as a client and help them buy a home or help them sell a home. For the first time in my career I actually have a pipeline of clients and people interested in purchasing a home.

Dave Karoly: Our marketing is very targeted to people that want to sell a home now so not just leads for three, four years down the road. Motivated leads from our TV advertisement, from the presents views on A lot of avenues that other agents turn away for leads, there’s a quality leads and we make sure to not only get our agents leads but give them the tools they need to get the listing, to get the buyer things like that.

Anthony: We don’t just give them leads, we give them a whole system and all the tools and all the training they need to convert those leads into business and help those people sell their homes.

Joselin: What I really love about working at Lamacchia Realty is not only their quality leads that they’re able to provide to their agents but they teach you how to convert those leads into clients and to have them provided to us by our company is something I’ve just never seen before.