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South Florida REALTORS® Get More Leads with Lamacchia Realty

“It’s incredible how much my business has grown down here. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the leads that the company provides.” – Amie Balchunas
Here at Lamacchia Realty, we don’t just provide our agents with leads, but we train them on how to convert them to clients.
The fact that we are an established brokerage up North means we generate even MORE business for our agents in South Florida due to all the referral and relocation leads we acquire.

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Amie: Balchunas It’s incredible how much my business has grown down here. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the leads that the company provides.

Lisa Jones: I was at a previous brokerage. There wasn’t a lot of leads, I would ask and sometimes there would be referrals.

Amie: I received leads at other companies I worked at, but I didn’t receive any training to know how to deal with the leads. I didn’t know how to convert the leads. A lot of them went flat.

Lisa: I had to ask the broker, do you have any other leads? I think I might’ve gotten two referrals.

Amy Howe: Mostly, my own book of business and referrals from lenders. Sometimes, the company would give me referrals, as well, but not like you’re a Lamacchia.

Amie: Now you have a lot of different leads because we’re getting so many referral leads, but the rate that we’re able to convert them, and now we’re generating more business because we were able to convert them, and they’re sending us their friends and family, which is a huge compliment.

Lisa: Compared to my previous brokerage, the leads that I get from the Lamacchia are so many. I actually had to pause them for a moment, because I couldn’t keep up with the amount of leads that were coming in. I took as much as I could, caught up with those people.

Then, as they were coming in, if I realized I got too busy, which is a good problem to have, then I put them on pause, and the company’s been great about it because they’d rather have you pause all the leads if it’s too much. They don’t want to waste the money and then it can go to really somebody who has the time to work it.

Amy: I was just calling everyone that I can just trying to build rapport with people, set up meetings. A lot of people are actually out of state. A lot of people are looking to move down to Florida, which is great. It’s definitely easy to break in with them because they are online looking at places. They appreciate the phone calls.

Lisa: You can pay for your own leads like I used to do, but you don’t have to do that. You stay very busy with the leads that come.