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When starting a new business, it can be easy to feel like an outsider. You may worry that you have to conform to fit in or that you will be unable to find your niche. However, at this company, you will be made to feel welcome from the start. Everyone here is supportive and friendly, and they will help you to find your place.

AJ Bruce: A lot of times people have that fear when they start a new company or a new business that they got to fit in with people and they have to find their niche. Without a doubt, every single person in this company made you feel like you’re welcome from the start.

Genevieve Botelho: I love all my co-workers [laughs]. I don’t know how else to put it but we’re a team, we look after each other’s deals when somebody is away on vacation. Everyone’s very helpful.

Denise Rinfret: I don’t feel a sense of competition between agents at all. No backstabbing, no clickiness, none of that going on, which is very refreshing.

Joselin Malkhasian: There’s very little competition at Lamacchia Realty. I genuinely want everyone here to do well and make a lot of money, and they want the same for me, so we help each other achieve our goals.

Kim McKean: The energy in the office, everyone is just happy and good at what they do, really good at what they do, and eager to share the information they have.

Sarah Hatch: The best part about working here is the people, people really enjoy what they do, it’s fun everyone is so welcoming. The clients are great. People genuinely enjoy what they’re doing.

Cole Gargaro: Every day, everybody is really geared up for the week and excited to see what we’re going to accomplish and that can be contagious. That’s a really positive experience.

AJ: The most important thing to me in a real estate company is feeling as though I have a team and a family. I found that I had that here, and it was the second I walked through the doors, I just felt that camaraderie in the team atmosphere and it stuck to me.

Genevieve: We do a lot of events, a lot of parties, a lot of contests that I just won. I get to go to Miami. I’m not a big change person but I made a change and I’m so glad I did. It really wasn’t hype.

Joselin: They really have an awesome office culture where we work as a family and as a huge team. We support each other and that was really important to me to feel a part of something bigger than just me as an independent agent.

Deanna Faucher: I have people calling me asking me what I think of the company because they’re considering joining Lamacchia, and they’re just blown away with my response. It’s an awesome atmosphere. The training is unbelievable. We all work as a family and I made the best decision.

Genevieve: It’s just made me love real estate again, that’s what it’s done.