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Anthony Lamacchia: 318%. I am excited to tell you all what that number is. We’ve been leading up to this for several weeks. I’m happy to report that that is the average percentage rate of growth among our agents who were at a previous company for at least a year and who have been at Lamacchia Realty for a year.

Deanna Faucher: The first year I was at Lamacchia, I closed 13 deals. My second year, 2017, I was at 33 by the end of December. Right now, I am going to be at 20 by the middle of May.

Michelle Wesson: Things changed pretty dramatically for me after that first year, even more than I ever imagined. I went from about 13 sales and, I believe, 30 sales the following year. This year, I ended the year with an amazing 51 sales. It’s really something that I didn’t know would ever be possible.

Genevieve Botelho: My business grew 1,200%, I think. You can’t beat that.

Angela Harkins: Last year, I did 44. Then, this year, I already have 30 under agreement between closed and under agreement, and we’re only at the end of March. It is phenomenal. I feel like coming here between the systems that are in place, and the leads if I want them, and my own business, and the reputation, it’s been amazing.

Kip LeBaron: The first year after I came here, I had done two sales in two years at my previous company. With the training, and the products, and the services, I went from 2 to 11 my first year at Lamacchia. Then, into my second year, I was actually able to to double that. I went from 11 to, actually, 22.

Katherine Kesaris: My first year at Lamacchia, I sold 7 homes. My second year, I sold 12. 2017, I sold 20 homes. I didn’t expect to sell that many homes so quickly.

AJ Bruce: My first year in real estate, like I said, I may have done one actual sale and then maybe one rental, not many at all. Then, my first year with Lamacchia, which was last year, my first full year, I think I did close to 25 sales. This year, we’re just about to hit April and I’m already at 11 sales.


Anthony: We provide an entire system and entire process. We provide all of the things that an agent would need to increase their chances of being successful, from scripts and dialogues, to emails, to collateral materials. We provide everything and we train them on specifically how to use it.

Angela: Every company talks about training. I’ve been with two other franchises early on before I had my own company. Training, it’s just talk, it’s just speak. I came to Lamacchia and he actually did have training every single Wednesday. There’s buyer training, there’s seller training. Sometimes, it’s sales training, which you really don’t get a lot of.

Amie Balchunas: That’s huge. When I tell clients that are nervous in this market that I have extensive training on how to win in bidding wars, they start to feel relieved immediately.

Katherine: Training isn’t just, “Here, look on the board, follow these steps,” it’s creative thinking, it’s people’s past experiences, it’s talking things over with other agents, with the managers, with Anthony.

Mike McGrory: I’ve never seen an agent come through this door that tries really hard, takes the training that we provide, and not succeed. It really is that simple.

Mark Visco: I guess the secret formula here is just following the system that we have in place. The folks at Lamacchia have done this for decades. They know what works, they know what doesn’t work. Even though it feels weird in the beginning, if you follow it, it pays off big time.

Kip: With Lamacchia, there was processes, and procedures, and education in place. I was able to follow this established roadmap that they had, and it just led to my success. I’ve followed the specific training and learned the processes, and procedures, and how to do things, how to convert leads, how to talk with people, how to create relationships. It was really smooth for me.

AJ: When I found out that they were going to give us leads, I knew that that would be a huge help because they don’t just give you leads, they teach you how to convert them from beginning to end, not just meet someone, show them a property, and never hear from them again. They teach you to build that relationship.

Mark: Most companies don’t give you straight-up leads, you have to go find your own, which is tough when you’re trying to juggle everything. Leads here are awesome.

Kip: The company’s products of lead services, the ability for me to be able to get those leads from the company and have those at-bats, helped me fine-tune my skills and take my business from where it was to where it is today.

Amie: Anytime I have a question, even if I think it’s a stupid question, chances are a lot of other people might have it, so you just email agent help, they get back to you almost immediately. I don’t know how they do that, but they do. [laughs]

Katherine: I look at myself when I first started Lamacchia, and the confidence that I lacked, and the confidence that I now have. It’s true, I feel now that I know what I’m doing.