Gerry Bourgeois & Laurie Howe

Laurie: I think the great thing about Lamacchia is all the little things. It is the support, the caring, the staff, the snacks at the office, just the smiles.

Gerry: They have the right management team in place. They have the systems in place.

Laurie: Anything you want you have, you didn’t have to ask for it. It’s there. It’s constant reminders of what we have for you or what we can do for you. Are you okay? Do you need anything? They care.

Gerry: The company as a whole is not reactive, they’re proactive. It’s the asking for something and not having to question or thinking that it’s going to get done. It sometimes gets done before you even remember that you asked.

Laurie: You’re halfway through asking and it’s already done. It’s a fun company. It’s a very professional company but it’s a fun company. You usually don’t find that at all.

Gerry: Market is the future of the real estate, for sure.

Laurie: The main thing is, Anthony always is involved. He has a company to run and he has some great people underneath his umbrella. Thank God it’s perfect. He always pays attention. He’s never not looking.

Gerry: He’s making things happen. He’s smart about it. He connects himself with the right people the way that I see it. He knows that this business is changing. One of the things that impressed me the most, they started off in the short sale environment and that was their big thing or the short sales and what have you.

Most companies when the market would have shift, when the market shifts and the short sales are dying down or what have you, most of the companies that are heavily relying on that die along with that they don’t know how to adapt and change. He was able to adapt and change out of that into this power team, mega team, whatever you would like to call it.

As that seemed to hit the wall, so to speak, he evolved that into the brokerage and now is growing the brokerage systematically but the fact that he was able to not in rein– I don’t want to say reinvent but the way he was able to adapt to a huge shift, not once, but twice that doesn’t happen in this business very often. The fact that he’s able to pull that off, lets me know that whatever the next thing is, he’s going to be ahead of it and we’re welcome to come along and hopefully help him out in doing that.