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Anthony Lamacchia: We have people who have come in this company, selling four or five homes a year, that have been more than an hour away from the nearest office when they first came in, who’ve joined and now are selling 30, 40, 50 homes a year when they were stuck at four or five. If you live 40 minutes from one of our nearest offices, and your business is struggling, and you’re saying, “Well, the office is far. It’s too far, it’s not going to work,” well, look at all the other people that we have done it with, repeatedly one after the other, after the other, after the other.

Michelle Wesson: There wasn’t a single time I ever drove to the office that I regretted driving. My business increased so much that I was wondering how am I going to make it to trainings, but again, the training is so invaluable that I would have driven two hours if I needed to. I still stick to that.

Genevieve Botelho: I was actually not concerned about an office near me because I dealt with local offices. I honestly didn’t go into the offices that much because I didn’t feel comfortable in those offices, because I really didn’t know a lot of them, and I felt like it was too big and too large, and it wasn’t that kind of family feel. So I wasn’t nervous about it being far. Plus, I was a local agent and that was what’s important to buyers and sellers. As long as I had knowledge of my market, that was what was important.

Sacha Anastasio: Sometimes people are so insistent, “I need someone local. I need someone local. I need someone local.” But you know what? I am local. That’s what I was able to let them know. It doesn’t matter where the offices are to have all that. You have technology that you don’t need a physical office that is five minutes down the road. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I know what works. Everything at Lamacchia Realty, it works here.