Diane Mayo

Diane: I came to Lamacchia because I was always looking for the team atmosphere. I couldn’t understand why other brokerages could not put it together where there was a company, and there are independent contractors, why can’t they be in sync. When I found Lamacchia, that’s it, there we are. That was the perfect fit for me because there’s the leadership, there’s communication, there’s access to tools, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I was having a hard time with people understanding the whole listing side with me, I was great on the buyer side, people call me all the time and I’d get the listing if they happen to have something to sell, so when I went to Lamacchia, I said, “I’m having trouble with this.” They said, “We’ll put you on seller leads.” That way, I got to practice the presentation. I got the whole 9 yards down and it was part of the learning process, which I had never had any of. All I simply said was, “I don’t know how to do– can you help me with this?” They jumped right in.

Yes. The training that Lamacchia offers, you won’t get it anywhere, you just won’t get it anywhere. It’s totally different. You’re not listening to videotapes, you’re not doing any of that. It’s live, it’s thought of what’s going on in the present, they are constantly every month that changes, whether it’s for buyers, whether it’s for sellers, there are different things in the morning, it may pertain to you, it may not, you can go, you don’t have to go, but if you’re going to make an investment in yourself, you’d be silly not to.

With the team, you get that great leadership, you get the communication, you get the access to tools, you’re not alone, you have to have these things in place and so when you come to Lamacchia, you’re going to get those things in place. If people are worried about the money, what about my split, 80% of nothing is nothing and I’m not a math whiz. You’re not going to get it anywhere else. The other brokerages, they’re offering bonuses and credit cards for marketing, that’s because they’ve got nothing else on the table.

Working at Lamacchia is totally different. The other thing I like about it is the culture of the company. It’s not what you’re used to if you’re used to being in the office, and nobody’s saying anything, and don’t say that address out loud, or oh my gosh, they’re going to scoop that client or, and I’ve had it happen, we all have, that’s old school. This is a company, we’re not a regular brokerage, we’re not a real estate company. We are a company whose business is real estate, and therefore everybody that’s in there, we are working to get to that pro-level, we are working to help each other because success breeds success. If I’m in there with younger agents and they’ve got a question, they don’t hesitate to tell me what the address is because I’m not going to run down the street and go get it. There’s plenty of work for everybody, and if somebody’s struggling, reach back and grab them because the only way we get to that pro-level is to have everybody be successful.

All the main management team, totally accessible, their email and say, “Hey, can you give me a buzz? Right back.” They’re all right there. They’re there for you. They understand Business Management 101 which is take care of the people that are within the company. When we take care of them, everybody grows and everybody gets to where they want to be.