Darlene Umina

Having Anthony as a broker, he was so approachable which is really something that you don’t always get in some of these bigger companies. He has a lot of experience he brings to the table, but on top of it he wants to see us succeed on a personal level, and really see us succeed and get our personal goals accomplished. Really what helps us succeed, I think, is Anthony’s drive to see us all succeed.

The management team is available– I know they’re going to be on me when I say this, but they’re available all the time. They answer texts, emails, phone calls. They’re really there for anything that we need in order to get our job done.

I really value the time that I spend with my colleagues here at the company, because we all are so supportive of each other. I know I talked about Anthony being supportive, but really the team, that framework that we’ve built here, is amazing, and so, most of the time, all of my good memories when I think back on the amount of time that we spend together as a team, whether it’s work outings or even in trainings, because we all share each other’s stories, we all help each other out. It’s a fun time, really, whenever we’re together, honestly.