Cyndi Deshaies

Cindi Deshaies: When I first started, I probably did maybe nine deals my first year. My second year when I was still working full time, I did 15– No, I’m sorry, I did 16, and then this year, I’ve doubled it. I’m almost right where I want to be, which is the President’s Club.

CRM system is great, so every time that I plug in a task, it gives me a reminder. I see it in my calendar through my phone, so I’m constantly on Lamacchia hub because it alerts me, which is great because I have ADHD, I’m all over the place, so to have me focus on that is great. It gives me a reminder first thing in the morning, so I know I have to do A, B, and C, call a client, email a client, follow up with the client. It keeps you on your toes. There’s no way that you should be able to forget anything.

I use the marketing, which is great because I don’t have to worry about that. They send out my postcards, they update my Facebook, they do all kinds of things. All I have to do is email marketing, and they’ll do it. I definitely use the admin because last month I had 10 under agreement, there was no way that I could be able to follow everything without having an admin assistant, it’s totally worth it because I don’t have to worry about anything. If they need anything, I can see the emails. If they direct it to me, then I can answer. If not, Amy takes care of everything, makes sure everything runs smoothly.

The training is great, which was good for me, part was that it was recorded. I could listen to it when I got home from work. It actually amped my business up because I truly didn’t know a lot about real estate. The training that the company gave me was incredible because I learned so much from it. I could literally sit in my living room and watch the trainings after work.

The culture is amazing, when I was still working full-time, I would reach out to agents, and they had no problem picking up what I needed. If I needed to do a showing, they were right there, and our management team is great. They would constantly call, “Do you need this? What do you need for that?” I never had that in any company that I’ve worked in, and I’ve owned a couple of businesses. I was a teacher 15 years, you don’t have that kind of support and culture. I reached out to Michelle Wesson. I remember watching a video that Anthony wrote that, “Don’t be afraid to reach out to one of the seasoned agents,” and that stuck in my head. I just called Michelle, and we sat down, and she helped me immensely. She was great, and even though she sold like 40 houses, and even Jocelyn, I think I emailed her one time, Darlene, they were great. All the seasoned agents, they’re willing to help you because they want you to succeed just as much as they do.