Christopher Dudzic

My name is Christopher Dudzic and I’m a realtor with Lamacchia Realty. I can’t get over how many clients that I have and how many people I have helped find homes and how comfortable I am doing it even though it’s something brand new to me that I’ve never done before in my life. To be honest with you I never thought I would have picked up clients so quickly and sold homes as quickly as I did.

I’m still shocked. It’s amazing. I love to learn and that’s why the training is so great and I put it into real life and it just makes me look like more of a professional. People think I’ve been doing this my whole life. They have no idea how I knew nothing my first sale. I did all the training courses, I picked up a client, we looked at a house. She says, “I want to put in an offer.” Scared to death, but I just remembered all the trainings on writing offers. We went to Panera, rewrote the offer, it got accepted. Perfect. The training alone is going to get you to where you want to be. You’ll learn as you go, but you have the building blocks that they provide to make it happen, and I’m living proof.

Starting off in the real training classes and then moving on to the weekly training, the back-end support that you get through agent help and picking up the phone. You’re never lost. Whenever you need something, it’s there. Sometimes you learn as you go, but you have the back-end support. If you have a question for anyone, it could be a management question or real estate question, whatever it is there’s always an answer. It’s amazing. It really is. I’m blown away by the level of management here. How everybody is so attainable, but yet everybody gets things done.

Every day I learn something new whether it be from the client or from training or from another realtor in the company. I’m always learning something new and all the training that I’ve picked up you put it into real-life action for the most part right away. I love coming in here. Everybody is so warm and friendly and even though we’re up to 100 and something realtors everybody knows each other’s name and you really feel you’re part of the family and it’s been great.

I’m much more confident being that advisor and letting my clients know that this is what I do, take my word for it. I will guide you. I will protect you, but yes I have grown leaps and bound from that first offer to writing a mandate loop on my phone and getting them in. It’s been fantastic.

I love meeting with clients, filling out what they need, learning their goals and then putting them into action and getting it done. In our job, we help people buy and sell homes and there’s no greater feeling than seeing somebody open up the door for the first time or selling their home or whatever it is. It really is great. It’s very fulfilling.