Angela Harkins

I think the biggest surprise was really how good the training is. I’d been in real estate for 16 years, and not just in real estate, it’s my profession, full-time professional realtor. I do it every day, all day. I thought I knew everything. I’ve been a broker, so I’ve trained my agents, but it’s a different kind of training. It’s training on systems, it’s training on sales, which is something you don’t get anywhere else. You go to other companies, and they might say, “Well, we have lots of training,” and you find out their webinars, there’s no interaction, whatsoever. With Lamacchia, there’s a lot of interaction. I find that that really makes the difference. Everybody’s very giving and open. Nobody’s like, “I’m not sharing.” Everybody shares their information.

I think after talking to Anthony, what attracted me the most, and I didn’t really believe it until I was on board and using the systems, was the backend system. People say, “Well, back-end system, how is that going to help you with your buyers and sellers?” Well, having automated reminders, having the dates, not forgetting anything because everything’s on the system, not having to do little things like that last-minute paperwork, it gets done for you, and then, it’s just mailed to you. You don’t have to run around looking for closing cheques, they’re all FedExed to the attorneys. That was amazing, and that saves me a lot of time.

Before, I had no time for anything. It was work, work, work all the time, and then, I would carve out little pieces of time for personal life. Now, I actually have a personal life. I work really hard, and I’ve done more transactions this year. I’ve been with Lamacchia since last August. I’ve done more transactions this year, had more income, and I’ve had more time off. To me, that is incredible. I’ve had at least five months this year where I had record closings over anything I had done in the past 16 years. That makes me really happy.