Amie Balchunas

Amie Balchunas: Knowing somebody that’s originally from Massachusetts, we have that connection already. I’m happy to show them the area. I know what it’s like going back and forth and getting on that plane and being depressed going home. I know that it’s super exciting to come here and envision yourself living here, and the lifestyle that you’re going to have because it makes me happy every day that I get up and I get to look at this. 

I don’t think I’ve ever worked in another real estate company where I’ve had so much support. I’ve definitely had some support at my previous brokerage before I was here. The amount of support, and the fact that somebody is always reaching out to check-in on you, to see how your business, and then to make sure that we’re growing forward and we’re not– Because it’s easy to level out. You always want to improve your business year over year. 

Once you hit that ceiling, you’re like, “All right, how can I improve and do better this year?” There’s just so many components to it to make us make more money. I feel like I’m dealing with somebody that actually cares about me and my business. The fact that we have success guides. I don’t think any other company has that. As an agent, you would probably have to go pay for a coach or coaching or something else like that. 

You’re probably going to go to a Tom Ferry. You’re probably going to hear of things and systems that you’ve already heard, it’s nothing new. The management has been amazing. The fact that we have a staff and we have so many people on staff, you don’t find that anywhere. 

I’ve done all the training before, I still try to cut out that time in my schedule as much as I might be busy or have something else that I think is important, the training and stuff, and really important to be at every week, because you’re always picking up something new that’s going to benefit your business. There’s so many things that we learn in training and so many different topics that he covers. 

He’s always thinking about where do we need help. Like here are something like that might be coming up on training that I’m like, “I’m having that problem too.” I can’t wait to tune-in to see how he says that we can solve this. 

The fact that my company is putting together websites for me, marketing, and the pieces look phenomenal. For me, to have to pay out of pocket for that and take the time to have to do it, when I have a team that just does it and presents, “what do you think of this?” and then we can send it out, it’s amazing. 

I have been in a bunch of different companies, and I did it down here, I went to different companies, and knowing that I had the best up North, I tried to seek that out here, and I definitely didn’t find it. I remember being in company meetings, whether we did once a week or once a month, and the morale was just down, it was like, “Oh, what are you doing for business?” People would be stretching or reaching. 

We’re all just so excited for each other. We have the company sharing page, too, that’s amazing. If we have a question or comment or want to share something we’re excited about, everybody is just so excited for us, and they want to help, too. We just have a good vibe altogether.