Alison Fiorenzi

The hardest thing with real estate is getting your foot in the door and building a clientele. Lamacchia gives you every tool and every advantage to getting yourself started, and within the first few months of being here, I did way more than I ever expected in the first year, let alone, the first few months. Being new in the business, I wanted to learn everything I could possible. I’ve heard a lot of agents from other companies talk about the training wasn’t there. They had to seek out the training. Here, it was all given to us, and gave me all the confidence that I needed to start a new career.

Without this training, I don’t think I would’ve even known how to get my foot in the door. Through Lamacchia, they gave me all the tools I needed. Management, I felt was always behind me by constantly checking in with me, making sure I had all the information I needed, had the confidence I needed, and to know that the lines of communication were always open and not to hesitate reaching out if I ever needed the support.

Anytime if I’m unsure of something or just have even the smallest question, I can submit my question to Agent Help and know that I’m going to get pretty quick response, and most of the time, multiple responses from whoever has dealt with that. It seems that there’s enough people and experience throughout Lamacchia that almost anything you come across somebody has already done it and can help walk you through it.

I have seen lots of friends in the industry who have done very well but took them a really long time to get the type of experience you get here. Without this kind of training, I don’t think I could have made it. I think this is the right place to start.