Alex Montalto

I’m Alex Montalto. I’m a Realtor at Lamacchia. I try to go to all the trainings offered here just because you never can stop learning. The market’s always changing, so we go to stay ahead of the curve. At Lamacchia, we’re given that opportunity and given that training to help us do that. The benefits of being at Lamacchia and what they’ve given us not only with the trainings, is that we have all the assistant and help inside the office. I can be on the road all day with showings or home inspections.

If I have sellers or deals that need to get put together, I do have the help of an assistant in the office. The inside sales agents in terms of buyer appointments, the salesforce, giving us at CRM to help track our goals and track our clients and leads, that really gives us all the tools to be able to succeed and give the best service to our clients. Giving clients the level of service that we do really just differentiates us from the 26 other thousand agents that might have their licence.

The amount of leads we get, and again, the assistance that we get in the office, the administrative duties in terms of getting everything lined up for a closing to give me, free up my time to handle the clients’ needs and making sure everything is running as smoothly as it can. There’s managers in the office that we can always give a call or an email if we ever have issues on deals, and they help us through those issues to help get every offer accepted that we submit. Last year, I was full time and sold 40 homes. With the support that we get at Lamacchia, it gives us the ability to be able to close 40, 50, 60 homes. There’s other agents in the company that are closing 50, 60 homes on a yearly basis.