Fort Lauderdale Crush It Event Recap

‘Education, Preparation, Consistency’ –

Recap of South Florida’s Crush It in Real Estate Event

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on August 27th, hundreds of Realtors® from major brokerages across the United States gathered to learn actionable takeaways to crush their business goals.


Anthony Lamacchia

Increase Your Conversion, Maximize Your Time, Grow Your Business, and Market Predictions

Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner and CEO of the Lamacchia Realty, and Crush It In Real Estate, was the most energizing keynote of the event. He embedded into the audience’s mind the importance of helping navigate your sell/buy clients in this difficult market.

“People are not going to believe what they hear you say,” Anthony said. “They’re going to believe what you show them.”

Anthony also added that staying disciplined and avoiding distraction will help in all areas of driving your business towards success.

The keynote speaker kept the crowd engaged and laughing while providing training on increasing conversion, maximizing your time, and growing your business in a low inventory market. He offered his market predictions and the changes forecasted to come.

The access to the training Anthony Lamacchia and Crush It In Real Estate overview is not philosophy or ideas. Instead, Real Training and Systems provide real-life and actionable steps to take your business to the next level.


Willie Miranda​

Growing Your Sphere & Working by Referral

With 27 years of experience in the real estate and insurance industry, Willie Miranda and his team have sold over 8,000 homes and over a billion and a half dollars in sales volume. He has learned through this experience that simplicity and consistency can be the difference in maximizing the growth of your sphere.

“If you want a deeper relationship with your clients,” Miranda said. “You have to write personal notes.” He argued that posting weekly videos and engaging with prospective clients are essential steps to working with referrals.

The Broker/Owner of Miranda Real Estate Group, Inc. went on to say that he has loved being able to help an agent, including those new to the industry and those struggling to turn their business around.

Agent Panel

A panel of agents from different levels in their business spoke on achieving their success. Brian Miranda, General Manager of Miranda Real Estate Group Inc. was the emcee for the panel and engaged panelists:

Key insights included mindset and consistency being a massive player over the past year and a half adjusting in the industry during pandemic times. In addition, the panelists shared their tips and tricks for buyer agents to win multiple offers.

Serafini, a 17-year veteran in the field, said educating your client and setting the expectation at the beginning of the relationship is essential. Building rapport with the other agent is another tool Bruce has used to help him throughout his six years in the business. Mattera pointed out that his job as a real estate agent is not to push his clients into buying or selling but to educate them. Over 11 years, the realization that different markets breed different things has been fundamental to overcoming his obstacles. Hamre sold 40 homes in her first year (2020) and is on pace to sell 70 in 2021. She said the key to being successful is always learning.

Agent Workshops

Dave Karoly, Vice President of Sales, Lamacchia Realty Inc., provided a workshop to create more leads, land the listing, and get it sold. An expert with over 1,000 listings under his belt, Dave has been a top trainer for 11 years. He broke down what it takes to generate genuine leads and increase your numbers.

The Vice President of Marketing, at Lamacchia Realty Inc. and Crush It In Real Estate, Lindsay Favazza, discussed building a brand through Google, direct mail, and Gaining a more significant following while having a top-of-mind awareness is key to building your brand. In her 20 years of marketing experience, she has seen what works as trends come and go.

What is Crush It In Real Estate?

Crush It In Real Estate launched in 2017 on Facebook to give local and national realtors a sneak peek as to what REAL training is. The Crush it in Real Estate page is continuously fed with videos highlighting tips, tricks, and strategies by industry leader Anthony Lamacchia. As a result, agents, Team Leaders, and Broker/Owners learn new skills, increase sales, and take their business to the next level with REAL training.


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