Finally...Some Good News

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Anthony Lamacchia: Four weeks ago today, the proposed settlement for the ridiculous wrongful frivolous real estate brokerage class action lawsuits by the money-grabbing attorneys was made public. I filmed a video this morning talking about how the world is still spinning, sales are still happening, buyers still want to buy, and sellers still want to sell, but there are some differences. There are some things going on, and there’s things that I see coming over the horizon that you all need to be aware of. If you haven’t already received that YouTube video, you need to log on to or go on Crush It in Real Estate and see the latest video that I put out. Subscribe to us.

In addition to that, there’s some breaking news that just came out. There was a panel of Judges that got together about two weeks ago to discuss the idea of consolidating all the cases into one jurisdiction for all of these ridiculous cases to be reviewed. I’ve been very open about how against that I am because I was worried they would end up in the Western District of Missouri in Judge Mark’s Court. We don’t want that. I talk about that in the video, but we just found out it’s not happening.

In addition, I also really show some things that Deborah Cayman, the fake reporter from The New York Times, has put out against our industry — her podcasts, her Instagram videos, her awful articles. She actually blocked me on Twitter and Instagram, and I’m pretty happy about that. Log on to recases or crush it in real estate..

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