Finally...People are speaking up.

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Anthony Lamacchia: Now I’m starting to see writeups in articles that say this new way of real estate won’t exactly be good for first-time buyers, won’t be good for VA buyers. Who’s been saying that since October? I also have been seeing a few videos here and there that talk about how much money the plaintiff’s attorneys are going to make. Who’s been saying that since October? Not criticizing anybody, glad you’re all now on the bandwagon and saying what I’ve been saying for months. That’s what we need. We need more people in the real estate industry that push back on these cases. That’s what we need. So thank you all for noticing and for putting this stuff out there.

I shared two things in my stories on Instagram that I want you to see. One is Deborah Cayman put a video out yesterday. This New York Times reporter, she refers to herself as a journalist, she put a video out yesterday. I would say 40% of it is completely wrong. The sad part is she’s at the New York Times, so other media companies and reporters follow what she says. Check that out in my stories.

The other thing I did is I shared a story that shows the plaintiff’s attorneys counting money. Check that out in my stories as well. And I’ll be out with another video on Crush It In Real Estate YouTube. If you didn’t see the one I did 11 days ago, log on to and check it out or crush it on real estate YouTube. That’s all folks. I’ll be back with more, just wanted to share what I’m seeing.

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