Don't wait to make the move to a new brokerage

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Anthony: Are you thinking of leaving real estate company that you’re at, but you are hesitating until you have nothing under agreement? Waiting until you have no pendings? Waiting until everything you have under contract is sold? I’m Anthony Lamacchia with Crush It In Real Estate. I am here to tell you that is one of the dumbest decisions you can possibly make for your business. There really isn’t the worst decision that you could make in any way, shape, or form. You are literally putting your business on hold for 2 to 3 months to wind down your pendings, till you have nothing, stalling there for a few weeks.

Making a change, there’s a transition. There’s things that go on during that time and then, oh, I’m going to ramp back up again. By the time you add it up, it’s a five-month delay, four-month delay, six-month mental screwing going on in your head. It’s pure insanity. I see it time and again, realtors coming over to our company and it just fascinates me. I’m sure this is going on across the industry.

My hair looks great, doesn’t it? I just got out of the pool. I’m this goes on across the industry, so I said I need to talk about it because there’s people moving every day from Cal William to Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker to Lamacchio, Lamacchia to wherever. There is people moving every day. Waiting until you have nothing pending is literally one of the worst business moves you can possibly make in your career.

When I left Remax and went to Realty Executives, I was near a business partner and someone I started the company with, Sarah, and I would say we probably had 8 or 10 transactions under contract when we moved. When I left Realty Executives and went on our own, started our own company, I want to say we had 20-something pending, maybe it was 30 pending. It was fine, we moved. We moved, we got paid.

It’s nuts, it’s lunacy. I don’t understand why agents do it. You’re literally, intentionally slowing your business down, something you never ever, ever should do, ever, under any circumstances, should you slow down on prospecting. Agents do it a lot, oh, I’m just going to wait till I have nothing pending. What? I’ve got veins popping out to my neck and it makes me so crazy.

Last year, our top agent, she sold 82 homes. When she and her husband came over, they had like 40 deals pending, two and a half years ago. Oh, well, they came over. They started selling, that was it. They ramped up with us. I mean, very, very rarely do we ever see a company screw anyone. I just want to tell you my experience, and what I see. When people move over to our company, which we have a lot more moving over than leaving, like substantially more, extremely rarely do we see people not get paid, and if they do get nicked on the way out, it’s in their contract and it was predetermined and pre-set up that way, and they agreed to it. In our company, you want to leave? We don’t nick you nothing. If there’s a referral fee owed because it’s business to business, you get paid. There are no contracts to stay, there’s no extra referral fees, nothing. I don’t want anyone staying in my company because they feel like they have to or because they’re waiting to get paid.

Hey, I don’t even care, I’ll say it, if there’s anyone at my company that is watching this and you’re wanting to leave and you’re really feeling like you’re not getting what you need from our company, and you’re waiting till your deal’s closed, don’t. No problem. We wish you the best, move on. We’ll pay you. We’re not going to not pay you, it’s never going to happen ever.

I want to point this out because there’s a lot of movement going on in the business right now. I’m not here complaining, our company’s making out in it for the most part, but the part I’m just astonished at, is the amount of people that wait until they have nothing pending. You can never, you should never intentionally stop prospecting, intentionally stop selling, ever, no matter what. Even if it costs you money on the way out, even if there is a referral fee, even if there is something, just pay it, just pay it. Don’t stop because you shouldn’t. Your attitude should be, I can’t stop, I won’t stop. That should be your attitude.

Your attitude shouldn’t be, oh, I’ll just stop because I’m worried about not getting paid, or I’m worried about this, or I’m worried about that. You are running a business, a business. Imagine if you had a gas station, would you put a sign out front that said no gas and stop selling gas for two months? If you owned a food store, would you put a sign up? If you were switching from Star Market to Stop and Shop, put a sign up, hey, we’re not selling food? What? This is crazy to me. As you can tell, it gets me very, very fired up.

Don’t be shy. Put your comments if you agree or disagree. Message me, I don’t care. I want to hear it because I’m trying to get to the bottom of the mental psychology, the mental lunacy behind agents doing this because I just don’t get it. It’s amazing to me, and I don’t just see it with people coming in our company, I see it with realtors around the country. I see it with friends, they say, well, I’ve got to wait.

Folks, I decided on about February 20th, that I was leaving the last brokerage I was at in 2009. We left like March 3rd. We gave notice, we left. We had a whole bunch of deals pending. I didn’t care. We got paid. The world doesn’t stop spinning because you changed companies. Anyway, that’s all. I want to go hang out with my little guy, then I’m going to bed. Bye.