Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse

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Anthony Lamacchia: Too many people put the cart before the horse. I see it in business all the time. Many people, they look at people like me, they look at people that have had success, and they say, ‘Well, they’re doing it, so I must be able to do it. It must be easy because everyone else is doing it,’ and they get ahead of themselves. In the real estate business, in particular, the example that I see is people come in, they have some success, maybe they sell 30, 40 homes a year, maybe 50, I don’t know the number, but they do that right, and then, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a broker owner, or I’m going to be a team leader. I’m going to start a team. I’m going to recruit. I’m going to have a downline. I’m going to get 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 agents working under me,’ and then when they get distracted with those things, their business goes backwards, and they don’t sell as much. And there comes a point that they have to pick on what direction they’re going to go. Folks, when I went on my own, when I started my own company in February of 2009, that year we sold, or the prior year of 2008, we sold hundreds of homes. Go look it up in MLS. I don’t know the number, maybe it was 200, maybe it was three, I don’t know. And before that, it was 100, 150 the year before that, 75, 100. We did it at a scale, and we dominated before we got distracted with doing new things, and that’s a mistake that a lot of people make in business. So, my advice today is don’t put the cart before the horse.

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