Shocking Revelations 2.5 Weeks Past the Sitzer/Burnett Verdict

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Anthony Lamacchia is the Founder and CEO of Lamacchia Realty, a multi-state real estate company.

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Summary of 'Shocking Revelations 2.5 Weeks Past Sitzer/Burnett Verdict'

In this video Anthony Lamacchia points out that interest rates have significantly decreased, dropping by half to three-quarters of a point, which presents a favorable opportunity for homebuyers. Additionally, the inventory levels are higher than usual for the season, offering more options for buyers. He encourages REALTORS® to actively communicate these advantages to their clients and motivate them to act, whether buying or selling. Despite concerns about inflationary pressures and potential economic downturns, the emphasis is on the importance of REALTORS® continuing their efforts to serve their clients effectively.

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Anthony Lamacchia: Most are missing out on the good news in the real estate business over the last couple of weeks. Yes, I said good news, and hey, maybe I’m partly to blame. Interest rates have come down a sizable amount. They’re down a half a point, three-quarters of a point, and that is very good news for homebuyers. In addition to that, inventory is still holding pretty high.

From a seasonal perspective, it’s actually higher than we expect right now. Normally, it comes down more by this time. What does that mean? That means that is good news for your buyers. You need to explain that to them. You need to get them to understand that. You need to get them in action and get them out there to strike on a home. I’m not convinced these interest rates coming down to the mid-sevens or even seven and a quarter is going to last. There’s still a lot of inflationary pressure, but there are signs that the economy is finally cracking and it’s becoming more visible. Actually, I saw it cracking a year ago, but it’s becoming more visible now. The point I’m getting at is let’s make sure we’re all doing our jobs every day as realtors, getting buyers out there to see homes, getting sellers in action who need to sell, listing properties, communicating with one another, working with one another.

I appreciate that you’re all watching my videos on the Sitzer/Burnett verdict and the impacts of that. Those videos are obviously doing quite well, and that’s a good thing because you all should be interested because we all need to make sure that we’re staying as educated on that as possible because we expect to face some headwinds. While you’re doing that, make sure you’re not losing your hustle. Make sure you are staying in action. Make sure you are still getting your buyers out there, getting your sellers listed, and doing your job so that we’re doing our job as realtors and serving buyers and sellers as we should.

That’s it, my friends. Here I am on the north side of Fort Lauderdale Beach. I was a little early getting to the office this morning, so I decided to come right here and do the video. Now I’m headed to the office. You all have a wonderful day. I’m going to look both ways before I cross the street. Have a wonderful day, my friends. Take care.