Don’t Let The Latest Wave Of COVID Slow You Down

Read the blog below:

Anthony: My friends, COVID is starting to rage a bit again. There are more restrictions being put on cities, towns, companies. We added some more restrictions at our company yesterday, and one of the messages that I delivered was, don’t let it ruin your momentum. Don’t let it screw things up, okay? Don’t use it as an excuse.

See, too many people grab onto various things and say, “This is going to be my reason for not doing well. That’s going to be my reason for not doing well.” How about this? Don’t grab a reason. Keep your momentum going forward. Keep hustling, keep showing houses, keep doing things, stay on offense. No reason not to. There’s zero reason to pull back on the throttle because we might end up with more restrictions again, or we are ending up with more restrictions again. It’s not going to be forever.

We know way more about this virus than we did in March when we were all like, “Wait, how does this work? What’s going to happen here? Are we all going to get it? Crazy things going to happen?” No, we have a way better understanding. There’s no excuse for it. This is a key time of year. If you are on offense, like I said on Sunday, don’t slow down, double down. If you are on offense and you’re in action at this time of year, you will have a much better start to the year.

When you have a good start to the year, the momentum carries throughout the year. Always does, so there’s no reason to pull back on the throttle. Today’s the day I’m finally going to tackle goals. I’ve been telling you guys for the last– I don’t even know– two, three Crush It videos that I was going to start doing segments on goal setting. I’m actually filming a bunch today at one o’clock at the office after I do a goal-setting training with our realtors, and I’m going to be filming a bunch of videos.

We’ll start releasing them probably tomorrow. The first one will probably be here on Facebook and then it’ll be on the YouTube channel, so if you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel, Crush it in Real Estate, go ahead and do that so you’ll get alerted when I put videos. There’s going to be a whole series of videos on goal setting, business planning, getting yourself set up for a successful new year!