Don't be Penny Foolish

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Anthony Lamacchia: When I started in the real estate business, I started doing television advertising and I remember it would cost me about 40% of my commissions would go back to television advertising, which was quite expensive. How’d that work out for me? Am I glad I did it? I don’t think I have to answer that. Fast Forward to 2014, I had to make a decision; we needed to get a real customer relationship management system. We looked at an array of options; some were a few hundred a month, some were a couple thousand a month, and then one was very expensive—not only to buy but to build, and I knew it would take ongoing and endless customizations for years and years. I knew it was the most expensive path, but deep down, I also knew it was the best path. So guess what I did? We bought the Salesforce system and built our own CRM on their Cloud. Am I glad I did it? I don’t think I have to answer that question. Folks, don’t be Penny foolish; there are so many people that are penny foolish in business generally, but it’s much worse lately. It’s much worse given what’s happened to the real estate market and what’s going on with the economy. Of course, it’s understandable for people to watch their dollars. I do too. Do I have a heightened awareness on what we spend over the last two years than I did the prior to? Of course. But don’t be tripping over dollars on the way to save a penny, on the way to save a nickel.

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