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Do I Take the Bonus


In these videos below Anthony tackles this somewhat awkward topic about brokerages that pay Realtors to join and pay Realtors to stay (not leave). Brokerages that do this often do it because they have very little to give but it is enticing for some agents especially when they need the cash. But that cash comes at a price. The price of being locked into a contract for 2-3 years.

Do you want to be bought or do you want help growing your business?

Back in February Anthony posted this video talking in depth about the “Starbucks” example and how companies shouldn’t be paying you to be a customer! Then they wouldn’t have money to provide you with great service. 

This video breaks it all down in much more detail….

Feb 4, 2021

Brokerage and Value

Brokerages should be working to provide you with value and if they are not then they are usually using money to entice agents, but what does that mean for your business? If you aren’t getting value then you should be getting paid.

Anthony says the problem is most agents cannot imagine a brokerage helping them grow their business. He breaks it all down this entire subject this video:

Feb 11, 2021

Are you at a company that gives out money?

May  17, 2021

If you watched the videos above and are still considering moving forward and taking one of these bonuses, watch this last video where Anthony breaks down the signing contract.

May 19, 2021