Discouraged About Having A Tough Year?

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you a new realtor frustrated at the way things have been in the last year? I have news for you. This is not normal. Do not grade the real estate business to be the way it’s been in the last year. Since COVID hit, we’ve been in an unrealistic world. We already had tight inventory. Yes, there was already a lot of multiple offer situations, but this has been out of control. If you joined the business in the last year or two, don’t get down about it. Don’t be feeling like it’s going to be like this forever because it’s not.

I’ll say something else to listing agents who are listing lots of properties, who have more experience, don’t get lulled to sleep thinking that this is normal, that everything you list sells immediately. We’re in an unusual time that got exacerbated because of the pandemic and eventually it’ll get better in the spring, but it’ll probably take another year. We will be back to a more well balanced market.

That’s my message today before the holidays. I wanted to make sure to put some positive news out there because I know there’s a lot of people who got into this business in the last year or two that are frustrated and I want you to know the truth. That’s all from right here on Lake Winnipesaukee. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, happy whatever you celebrate, happy holidays.