Are you a real estate agent dealing with out-of-state buyers?

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Anthony Lamacchia: When you land a buyer from out of state, someone that comes to you maybe on a listing, who knows how you get connected with them, but they’re from out of state. One of the things that you have to do is think to yourself, where did they come from? What is the market like where they come from? Let me explain what I mean by this. I’m hearing stories of agents that are getting buyers who are maybe moving here from California, or Oregon, or Seattle, or sometimes central and northern Florida, or Austin, Texas, and they’re telling these buyers, “No, you have to step up to the plate, you have to offer more.

The house is on for 500 but it’s priced well so you need to be offering 540, 530 if you want to land it.” The buyer is like, “What? That’s crazy.” No, the markets totally changed, everything is totally changed, multiple offers are gone, then they make an offer, they don’t land the property, they get mad at the agent, the agent is annoyed with the buyer. You have to think where they came from. Those areas that I just mentioned, are not experiencing any more multiple offers. Maybe they have a little bit in the last 90 days but by and large, they’re gone.

Last year, remember, from about July to December multiple offers were pretty much gone across the country, but especially in those areas. Be cognizant of the buyer that you’re talking to and understand where they come from. If they come from a place where multiple offers are no longer prevalent, then show them how they’re happening here. How do you show them? You show them sold statistics of properties that were listed at X and sold at Y, listed at 700, sold at 750, listed at 600, sold at 620.

As I always say you cannot just tell them, you have to also show them. Okay, showing them is important. Consumers don’t believe what they hear, they believe what they see. Have some patience. Understand that they’re not hearing that anymore. They think the market’s dramatically changed and let’s face it, folks, there’s a lot of confusion among buyers and sellers all over the place right now on what the hell’s going on in the market. Hope that makes sense.

Keep that in mind. Where did they come from? If it’s an area that is not as prevalent, show them, don’t just tell them. That’s all, have a great day folks. Got my writing with a brand new shirt on, realtor shirt here. All right. Talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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