Darlene Umina – Speaker at Crush It Kick-Off Event

Lamacchia Realty is delighted to announce that Darlene Umina of The Umina Group at Lamacchia Realty will officially be a speaker at the Crush It in Real Estate 2020 Kick Off Event! Darlene will be speaking on the Consistently Crushing It Panel where she will share some of her most valuable advice for doing just that.

Darlene and AL

Darlene has been a licensed realtor since 2007 and full time in the business since 2014, selling over 200 homes in the past 5 years. Darlene got her start in real estate thanks to a friendly push from Anthony Lamacchia. He was in search of a buyers agent and knew that Darlene was just the person for the job. She admits that growing up she was always staying up late watching the late night ads on TV about homes for sale and reading the home magazines at grocery store. She was naturally drawn to real estate but Anthony helped to give her that final push!

Darlene believes there is no one secret to succeeding in the industry, but the one that works for her is loving what she does and doing it with empathy for every single client. She treats all of her clients like family not only during the process but for years after. Empathy is Darlene’s life rule as a real estate agent. She approaches every situation with a buyer, seller, or agent and asks herself what it would be like to be in the other person’s shoes. She knows how stressful real estate can be and how easily people who live through the process every day, like agents, can become desensitized to it. She always challenges herself to ask how she would feel if she were in the other party’s position and approach the situation with compassion.

Darlene attributes her first big jump in sales to realizing that you can’t be a secret agent. She believes if you have success you need to share your success in a tactful way! By dedicating herself to her client’s goals and dreams, those happy clients referred her to new clients, and the rest is history!

True work life balance is a bit of a myth to Darlene. She admits that when you win at one it can often feel like you lose at another. Darlene best tackles this constant challenge by blocking out time for each so she can fully dedicate the time she spends with either her clients or family to them, rather than only giving each half of her attention.

Darlene loves being a realtor so much it’s hard for her to choose just one reason, but the top of her list is getting to truly know new people. She spends so much time with her clients, getting insights into their world, that she has come to cherish the truly human moments she has been able to spend with each of her clients over the years.

Hear more from Darlene and the other panelists at The Crush It in Real Estate 2020 Kick Off Event this January 16th, 2020, from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. It will consist of three panels featuring agents from across MA that have excelled in their industry, whether they have been in it for just a few years or well over a decade.

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