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Welcome to the Agents Who Crush It In Real Estate podcast where you’ll hear the good, the bad and the ugly of how real estate agents overcame challenges and grew their business. Check out the Episode Notes at CrushItinRE.com/podcast. Here’s your host, Lindsay Favazza.

Lindsay Favazza: Welcome back to the Agents Who Crush It In Real Estate podcast. I am bringing you someone from the very top of north America here today. We are talking with Daniella, my teach from Remax Care Realty in Windsor, Ontario. They are part of the Team Goran up there in Windsor. And I’m so excited that they told me to talk to you when you sent me your stats. So say hi to the audience Danijela.

Danijela Matic: Hello. Thank you so much for having me. It’s my pleasure to be here.

Lindsay Favazza: It is an honor to be speaking to you. So let me just explain why I’m so impressed with her. She started in real estate of February of 2020. So, when I say that’s pretty bad timing, really when it comes down to it, when the whole world was about to shut down and everything was turning very tumultuous, but her very first year in real estate.

So technically. 2020 was your first year, but you didn’t get licensed until February. So really you were kind of short a full year, too. She sold 65. You guys, she sold 65 homes in a pandemic here in her first, not even full year in real estate, so crazy. Impressive. And then her second year in 2021, which also was still very much pandemic.

Um, is she sold 80 homes? Also, incredibly impressive. And then this year, so far 25 homes, and I can’t wait to hear, you know, all the things that you’ve done to make this happen. So, Danijela, take me back to when you first got your license, when you first got into real estate and when the world started to [00:02:00] change and take me back to your mindset and what was going on in your head during those times,

Danijela Matic: It was an interesting time to be like, That’s for sure. No one really knew what was coming or what was around the corner. Uh, I had moved to this city where, where I’m at about, uh, well, 11 years ago this year. So I was already here for 70 years. I’ve had a couple of different careers. Sales life insurance was, it was a tough gig. I learned how to walk in people’s homes, talk to strangers, recruit. Cool. Caught a phone calls. Yeah, a lot of cold calls for sure. That’s where the smiling and dialing was picked up. Um, you know, then I joined a local, uh, brokerage here that sold homey. Uh, car insurance. And, uh, I was able to build a career there. I worked for PC insurance, which is president’s choice. So Canada wide.

So I got to talk to, you know, everyone from Canada. And, uh, it was really, really rewarding for me because, um, [00:03:00] I was given the tools to succeed and then I was able to just. I add my own work, I think to it. And I’m going to be talking a lot about work ethic here because none of this came easy and none of this is an accident.

There’s a saying, I like to say, which is, uh, something that I live by, you know, a success is rented and rent is due every single day. That’s true. More for us. Self-employed people than it is for anybody, because nine to five, you’re putting up your teas and you’re putting up your hat and you’re. You’re done and self-employed is not like.

So, uh, what happened was I had to leave ironically, that place, uh, the, the brokerage, uh, for car and home insurance, because we became, self-employed my partner, Mickey, and I, uh, you know, it was a booming time in Windsor, a lot of, a lot of building and, um, you know, we had renovated our own kitchen. So through the different, uh, research we [00:04:00] did, we found IQ.

We did our first few, you own that kitchen in our house. It took us about three weeks and almost the divorce, but, and he got home renovations going to be taxing absolutely wise. I didn’t know then that wasn’t going to be the beginning of our real estate flipping and a renovation journey. But that’s what happened.

We ended up putting an ad on Kijiji was him, he said, put an ad out, you know, for a, you know, Like kitchen and installing. And I’m like, are you sure? Like I was so worried, right. Somebody called us, somebody actually called us and they gave us two new builds in what is now, you know, a very, very prominent part of town.

But back then, it wasn’t, it wasn’t all built out. And, uh, it all started from there. So I was actually right before I, before I did real estate, I was doing some renovation. I was building some cabinets and I was okay with that was the first time I actually did like a physical job. And you know, it wasn’t any heavy lifting, but it wasn’t sales.

I [00:05:00] was actually racing against my own self then. Right. Cause I could make a cabinet in about 13. So somehow I could make six an hour if I’m really good. So it’s impressive. Like he kids like the learning and then..

Lindsay Favazza: I feel like it’s more impressive with Ikea though. Those are challenging.

Danijela Matic: That’s for sure. So many trial and error with that. So yeah, I realized I had to leave my corporate job in order to cause we were dropping money here. So, uh, that’s what happened. I was, and then I became self-employed for a couple of years and then. You know, I, I, for the first time I wasn’t working my own career, I wasn’t kind of chasing my own dream and I kind of felt stuck.

I felt really stuck. And I said, you know, this is great. We’re making great money. And I was working with, you know, my boyfriend Mickey. So I would stroll in at noon leave at four. Right. It wasn’t that I was working tough. It was just that I wasn’t doing much at all. So, you know, the fire in me was like to do something for [00:06:00] myself.

And prior to coming to Windsor and you, I was in Alberta and I had started my real estate course real estate was something I was curious about since I actually very, very young age. I became a mother when I was 19 years old. I got married at 18, became a mother in 19 and, uh, worked in Alberta. So when I came to Windsor, I was about to 22 years old.

And, uh, that I ended up going to college for a couple of years, getting a degree here and, uh, then jumping into the. Sales world per se here. There wasn’t much of much going on, uh, when I ended up coming here. So it was like, make it happen. You gotta make something happens for sure. I got what I, that’s what led me to avoid and taking the course for real estate.

And, uh, back then the market was not that hot here. We were not getting. Oh, and I also wasn’t educated about the market. I was not even a buyer, not even a seller, so I didn’t know, but I know historically that winter had very low [00:07:00] prices of housing. When we moved here in 2011, we bought a house for $134,000.

Wow. He detached in a very good neighborhood forest Windsor, a break home with a pool. It was incredible. So it wasn’t ever for like, oh, I’m going to go to real estate to get rich. It was, it was never like that. It was, I think he just kind of natural path path. Me there led me there after my sales. Right. I, I had picked up a whole bunch of tools from all these different sales jobs and then ultimately realized, okay, if I use that, you know, sell a sales of houses is still going to be more beneficial for me in the long.

Lindsay Favazza: So nine minutes now with your flipping experience and having the renovation, that’s a whole other, a whole other kind of tool set that you now have as a real estate agent, to understand the value of the home, bringing the home into that value, you know, and having a keen eye on those things. So, you know, maybe not building a cabinet in six minutes, but you know, [00:08:00] having the understanding of renovation and budget and all of that kind of stuff is definitely going to help you in the real estate world too.

Danijela Matic: Oh, absolutely. We work with a lot of investors. We worked with a lot of out-of-town in west investors from Toronto and the greater Toronto area. So a lot of people are buying sight unseen, blindly based on our numbers, I’ll share a story with you. I was in the office the other day. I got a phone call from somebody that was so reluctant to talk to any real estate agent.

So my front end, uh, girls, uh, had talked to this woman and they had called me and they said, you know, she won’t provide her name. She won’t provide her an address. She wants to talk to her. So I get on the phone with her and, uh, she says, I won’t share my name yet. And I’m okay. No problem. Right. And you’re mirroring your clients.

You’re mirroring them. Right. The last thing she needs is for me to jump down her throat that I know how to do, but I wouldn’t do it. So how can I help? How can I help you? I see, well, I’ve really needed an appraisal done on my house and, [00:09:00] um, I’m going to be moving and I want to sell it, but I don’t want to sell it now.

And I don’t want to be too much for the appraisal. I don’t know what to do to get my house. So she goes on and on and on. So I, you know, let’s take it step by step. Okay. So you want an appraisal. So I educated her on what an appraisal is and what a market value is. Turns out she wanted a market value of her home, and she also wanted to do, to know what she could do to maximize the sale of her.

Right. So through a short spiel of who I am, right. I’m Daniella, I am investor. I own a renovation company. I have flipped homes myself. I am the top agent for teen born and yeah, I’ll come to your house and look at it and tell you what to do to make it better. Well, her name is Rick and I’m meeting her this Thursday and, uh, you know, it’s a little pressure and, uh, you know, I think. Showing, what we could give is that one stop shop, especially when I’m dealing with my clients, it makes them come to. And it makes them [00:10:00] open with me. And just further on later, we’re going to talk about, you know, the relationships and the key success to the sales that has led me here.

Lindsay Favazza: Yeah. Let’s I mean, I want to talk about that now, because you mentioned something that I thought was super, super valuable, and I want you to kind of expand on it and kind of educate us on what this means to you.

The mirroring your client. Talk about that because when you have 65 homes or 80 homes that you’ve sold in a year, that must be a challenge to be mirroring 80, 90, a hundred, you know, to get that many homes sold. You’ve got to have been working with so many people. So explain how you like the strategy behind mirroring your client, why it’s important and talk a little bit about that.

Cause I think that really goes back to what you’re saying about the client experience that they have with you.

Danijela Matic: Absolutely. Absolutely. So there’s different, uh, personalities ride. You got the driver expressive myself versus someone that’s that’s maybe more, uh, analytical [00:11:00] or, um, so it’s being able to recognize that.

So for example, I’ll get an engineer. What does an engineer need engineering? The stats and facts and the cold, hard truth on paper, right. Charts, whatever, what the someone that’s emotional need. They need to know that they’re understood. They need to know that they’re, you know, valued. So it’s understanding the different personality traits and how each person communicate.

Um, For me, it was a way to communicate with them. And, um, if I can elaborate on that, like, for example, in D I can see that you are a driver for sure, but I could see them be kind of quiet and laid back as well. Right. Maybe not the loudest person in the room, always, but you’re analytical and you’re probably like, Yes.

Very much got me pegged. So the way that I talked to you is in a calm, more quiet matter. I’m talking to you [00:12:00] about something that’s important to you. Like, for example, this is the stats and presented agents, right. Versus if I’m talking to someone like myself, I’m going to be like, Hey. So excited you are about to sell your home in one of the best markets here.

We’re going to find you an amazing home as well. This is going to be an incredible experience for you. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your journey, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, either one of these. It’s strictly authentic. It’s always from my heart. So that’s been something that key to my success has been the relationships that I’ve built with the clients.

Now that’s the key to keeping these. I need to recognize the fact that I’m a part of a very large team and, you know, 95% of my business comes from the team. So if I could talk about that structure a little bit, because actually that is the key to my success because I lose. [00:13:00] If I, we can go back to the licensing for a second here.

So I ended up getting my license in about seven months. And at that time I actually wanted to work by myself. I’m like, I, you know, know how to sell. I can relate to people. I was feeling really, really confident. So I was going to just embark on myself. It was my priests here and in our community, we have a very large training.

When asked me if I know Gordon. No, I didn’t. I was new in the city. I seen his advertisement heard somethings, right. Uh, mostly good. Bought the real estate. Wasn’t a big, hot topic back then. So I was just under the impression I was working to work on my own. So he says, just give him a call and. So I did, I was sitting one day and I called them and I had started my licensing and, uh, it was a very instant connection.

Right. It was somebody that I can, you know, talk to maybe relate to. And, uh, you know, we met, we met shortly after that and, you know, once I saw the organization, the plan, I was like, I think that I belong [00:14:00] here. I think that we share the same vision. I think that, you know, as good as I am and I love the clients that I love, that I also so much so need support on my admin.

Lindsay Favazza: oh, supportive he’s one of a kind, he really is. He’s a good person. And so supportive. He, he actually told me a while ago, you need to interview Daniella. And I think we just said. Fallen off the map somehow, but I was like, wait, what? So when Danielle sent it to me the other day I went, yep.

I need, I need her guilt. Goran told me she’s the one I need to talk to. So he is so supportive of you for sure. I can say that from firsthand experience.

Danijela Matic: Yeah. Thank you. And it’s not just me. It’s everyone that’s has cut, absolutely being able to change so many lives, which is why, you know, Tim Warren and Goran and didn’t.

And our organization did must be the most rewarding experience. I mean, I walk around with the greatest attitude of gratitude. I am so [00:15:00] grateful for the opportunities that came my way. So what ended up, I ended up, uh, finishing my course really quickly because once I met him, I got really, really excited and down.

Yeah, here I was, it was February 14th. I remember I was my, like beginning, first week in the office and I just, I couldn’t make no phone calls. I was not licensed. I was just bouncing up and down all walls. So excited. There was only six of us there, there was six agents and a few admin staff, and it was very, very intimate and it was very intimidating.

I’ll tell you that. It was for I’m sure. I walked in, I got put into the office between two powerhouse ladies, both in the industry over 10 years. Oh, my God, like, you know, I have to step it up. I had to, you know, I come in an organization, I see who’s on the top. I’m going to go there. I’m going to align myself with them.

I’m going to get to become friends with them. I’m going to talk to them. I’m going to hear what their struggle is. I’m going to learn. I’m going to take notes. I’m going to write and if they can get. [00:16:00] I can do it too. And I’ve

Lindsay Favazza: come full circle because now you’re on this podcast, which is exactly what you’re going to do for other people, too.

Danijela Matic: Thank you. I had an amazing, um, opportunity to be able to train some new agents that have come into our organization and become a mentor. And some of my mentees have become mentors. And seeing that, like you say, full circle, um, it has been so, so incredibly rewarding because. It all starts, you know how they say the corporate ladder, what starts from the top?

What will make its way to the bottom? Right? Same thing with, with the positive things. Right? So if we’re nurturing, love care, there’s no competition for leads. There there’s no cutthroat atmosphere. Why did that happen? Well, that happened from the. That happened from the top. So when I came in, team horn was getting me, you know, a hundred cold leads the day that I got, you know, assigned or licensed.

Right. So when I had my people, I say, here’s my pipe. [00:17:00] Go fishing go. Right? So you’re you have this culture, you have this culture that enriches you, that empowers you, and that just pushes you. So, I mean, I would say being part of team Warren is the key to my success. Right. I will go out and I couldn’t have gone out with somebody else.

Right. But I wouldn’t have been able to sell 80 homes, get exposure. I mean, when it comes to exposing the age, I came in in the first month that I was licensed, my face was on one of the biggest billboards in the city. And, uh, it was so prominent. I, it just blew up my social media. Like I can’t tell you. And I was like, oh my God, I always, first of all, have a job where, you know, I can be on camera.

And here was, this was, this was it. I was so, so excited. And then the promotion started online by shelters. So it also, it was easy. Cause then people were able to call team Warren and they say, I [00:18:00] want to talk to Daniella. Right. Or, you know, Warren matchmaking clients to the agents as well. Right. There’s a lot of matchmaking there as well.

Right. So when you have this it personality, you know, it works with a lot of people and I’m able to connect in different. So I ended up starting and, uh, I remember Danielle said, you know, somebody give her something to do she’s bullying on all, all hands like her. God, I got released that I made a sale within three days.

It’s like first time I went the first showing ever had don’t. It was by myself and I ended up selling it. Um, I did well, you know, I was really new, so, uh, she didn’t end up coming with a deposit, the lady. Okay. So there was not, you know, she didn’t know coming, it ended up being, you know, she was in this relationship and the guy who was supposed to buy this house for her, didn’t end up coming.

So as an agent, you know, could I have done something differently? Probably slow down a little bit better than her, a little bit [00:19:00] more. Right. But when you’re so excited and I got this blind in front of me and it’s my first show, my first deal. I mean, we got it. Yeah, exactly. To be honest, they say, you’ll never forget your first deal.

I actually cannot remember at the top of my head, what was my first actual solid deal. But I remember that was my first deal, even though it was like half a deal. And then I saw a couple of weeks. So we’re in February, uh, COVID talks of COVID, right? I’m on the phone. People are pulling away. They’re saying, you know, from Toronto bad things are gonna happen, blah, blah, blah.

And I’m laughing, like, look at these conspiracy theorists, nothing’s going to happen. And then boom, burst shutdown happens. And everybody’s panicking that sellers, the buyers, the agents everything’s shut down. Right. Remember how it was back then, where we were so much in the.

Lindsay Favazza: So much unknown, so much anxiety because we didn’t know when it was going to come back.

We didn’t know if this was going to be, [00:20:00] we didn’t know. I mean, imagine if you had known at that point, how long this really was going to be like drawn out for you. You know what I mean? I mean, we were still not technically through it and yeah, you’re right. It was scary times. Very scary.

As he gives us his latest mortgage tip,

Shant Banosian: If you’re a potential buyer and you’ve been pre-approved and you’ve just been given a pre-approval certificate and said, call me when you find a house, that’s not enough. You should have a checklist of information that you’re looking to take away from that call.

Those things that you should understand is the product they are going to qualify for the rates and terms that you qualify for the monthly. Down payments closing costs. Those are all the important things that you should absolutely walk away for from a pre-approval consultation.

Danijela Matic: I would have known that if I want to know in 2011, when I know now I would’ve bought five properties then in the back,

Lindsay Favazza: Where’s our crystal ball when we need it?

Danijela Matic: You know, [00:21:00] I ended up buying like right now as of July 28th, I will own four properties in Windsor. Wow. Good for you. Thank you. Thank you. It was an incredible experience and a lot of those are investment opportunities, um, in the, in the market that I’ve had.

And again, because of the success I’ve had here, I was able to invest and take my money elsewhere. That was an incredible feeling as well. So, uh, COVID came and that’s where salesmanship had to come in because a lot of people were scared and they needed to be led. I realized that people are looking for a leader.

So I presented myself as that with my clients. Why was I able to do that? Because my broker is the leader in the community. So they’re in shortly after COVID started Boren actually made this Wednesday zoom. For anybody, anybody agent, any, not just our office. And then when I logged in there and I started seeing the brokers, the [00:22:00] other agent, the vetted agents, they desire, I thought were amazing and just loved and respected them.

They’re following gory. Like I was just like, I, again, I didn’t know him started to know him during our time together. Right. And it was like, oh my God, he’s proven to all of us in so many ways, you know, after 33 years old, he was on his 34th year in the industry. Right. Like, We’re in good hands. So we’re confident and we’re strong.

So our clients knew that. So he was leading the community on what to do in a pandemic. Wha how to act, what to be, you know, how to talk to our clients because they were scared. So they were scared about letting someone in their home. Right. Everybody. Gary time. It was a scary time for everybody. So what ended up happening is I saw that there was a boom happening.

The prices were increasing. There was a lot of opportunity out there. So it was through the scripting of Anthony Lamaq. Yeah, right. It was then that it was like drilled in drilled, been drilled in like his [00:23:00] scripts are drilling. Soft closes are drilled in so much of, you know, how we talk and communicate comes from the real training that we’ve had.

Lindsay Favazza: And Goran are very much alike when it comes to the way that they talk to clients and like their approach. So, yeah, it’s, it’s been a really good partnership because of the fact that they’re so, you know, there’s so much synergy between the two of them. And

Danijela Matic: I’ll tell you that synergies between Gordon and I.

So I know when I meet Anthony is going to be, you guys are going to be best energy. But it’s something you can buy. It’s something you can’t teach. It’s something that’s natural or I’ve taught sales, too many people. I’ve tried to teach sales to many people, especially in my life insurance world. And I knew it back then.

And we had like a seven page deep script and I had an embedded in my brain. So when I came to real estate, I see these one page scripts with like a will chuckle. I’m like. I saw this tribal and when I was trying to [00:24:00] sell life insurance. Right. But it was also like, oh, I w I was really successful in selling life insurance is because I believed in it.

So when I believe in something, that’s the key factor to my sales, right? So when the home sales, I truly believed that, you know, this is an amazing thing for people and it is right because people who bought their home for 150,000 had no more. We’re able to sell that home for six 15, take a $400,000 down payment into their new $700,000 home.

Carry a $300,000 mortgage at 1.5% mortgage rate. And by the way, their mortgage prior was like five. And then take 200,000 and live the rest of your life. Happily ever after being a part of that journey was the most incredible life-changing experience. That I’ve had ever in a career. And this, this is not a career.

This is a lifestyle [00:25:00] I live, I breathe real estate. It’s the cost of being a successful realtor. It is not easy. You know, you wanted me to get real and raw. I struggle a lot. I struggled a lot with my case.

Lindsay Favazza: Yeah. What do you struggle with exactly? Because people are looking going 65 and 80 homes. We’re not struggling.

So explain what the struggles are that you deal with. Timing is big, especially when you’re, when you do have that many sales. Tell me what are the, some of the things you struggle with the most.

Danijela Matic: Absolutely. You know, it’s great to see a buyer one or two times, which I did. I had a really fast conversion rate is because of the tools that I was using.

Right. CMS that has those you’re using for the buyers and for the sellers that first year I was mostly a buyer’s agent. So I got really, really good at finding homes and finding deals. And I got really good at convincing, not convincing people, but showing people the way to the right offer. So when there was 25, I was the winning one.

Why, how did I do that? I went on my matrix, MLS. [00:26:00] We call it here, did a, the CMA comparison sales. Right. And I was able to pull I exact homes in the last month. Right. And then I would get the average based on those. And then I would put the stats and I say, okay, since March and it’s April 15, our Mo market went up 9%.

Let’s add 9% to this average one. And it was always the winning. And it was great because we were in a growing market. So there was no overpaying by the time they closed it wasn’t. But what would happen then is you close one, two or three buyers and then closings come lawyers come, right? And then it ends up boggling you down.

Sometimes you get days where you’re talking to lawyers. Thursdays are not happy days sometimes because you’re talking about lawyers, things are going sideways. You know, it takes a lot of. It takes a village, for sure. It takes a lot of time and energy to see one client through, through a set successful, or a transaction, right from the beginning to the end.

So the [00:27:00] struggle for me was the time management. When you take so much, it doesn’t seem like so much when you’re doing it, but seeing these transactions through right, I’m dealing with new sellers, I’m dealing with new buyers, I’m dealing with closings. Oh, a lot of it was time, time management. Cause I was working.

I’m working all the time. Right. It feels like, but, uh, you know, a lot of those times were spent doing. Maybe things that didn’t make me as successful. Like for example, I would, you know, spend an hour and a half on the phone with the seller because they like to chat and that, and then later I saw I’m like, what else could I have been done then nurture.

And I love her. I can talk to her for forever. Right. But how can I turn my business? Right. Having a broker and brokerage that’s there and seeing kind of struggles as they happen for, for all of our agents was something that kept me going. I, for example, born sees we’re struggling with something. He’ll bring someone to talk about it.

He’ll bring somebody to talk to us to relate to us that, Hey, we’re [00:28:00] not the only ones that are feeling like this. So a scheduling has been important. It’s a work in progress. I’m still working on it. Um, it was just the struggle basically of the time and the stress of dealing with Satya, such a big responsibility.

We have very, very big obligations for our clients.

Lindsay Favazza: Yeah. You, you have a lot riding. They have a lot riding on it and a lot of times you guys take that on.

Danijela Matic: Absolutely through the years, I was able to separate myself emotionally through the coaching that I’ve had from Jennifer Barnett, she’s minister or sales manager from, you know, Gordon, you know, every day we start our morning, night.

If he day 50, I’m asking with the admin this morning on Monday, there’s 80 of us on the team. We start, we share wins. So what do you gratitude? Right. So you’re starting off with something positive and then there’s questions, especially now in a changing market. Right? So we’re able [00:29:00] to talk about that every single day.

The question is asking. Does anybody need any help with anything? Does anybody have anything they can, they need to talk about. Right. So suddenly I’m, I’m going through a problem. Right. And I was somebody, even though I became a top agent very quickly, and then we grew, so it was natural. I I’m a top agent over these new people.

Right. But I’ve been able to consistently stay as a top agent as a matter of fact, the last three months, not including June I’m topping. I was actually so happy to be toppy all like, because the last three months I was number one, number one, number one, number one. And I worked a lot, but you know what sorted other agents around me.

And so did everyone else that didn’t want to see that number one spot. They want to see that top five spot. So then I made four deals last, last month and I had shifted a little bit. Right. And it was like, the market was shifting. So I closed three buyers in one, one listing. And that was like a big difference from what I was doing before.

Right. So now I’m just kinda like, well, wow. It’s really fun being a buyer’s agent again. Right. I can make deals. I can find. So I did [00:30:00] four and, uh, you know, that was a pretty good month. So when I ended up in number eight, I was like, holy Molly, like aren’t I agents are doing good. Stepping it up. Absolutely.

And seeing new agents, seeing new agents that were new to the industry that were struggling, like for example, we have this agent, his name is Scott Thompson. He was my mentor. Incredible guy. And so he was with another brokerage before he came with us, kind of came really reserved, kind of shy, but you could tell he could be outgoing, right.

Really serious guy. So, um, you know, I’ve trained him. He ended up having another mentor as well when I was out of the country. So he’s bought a lot of relationships here. And one thing you’ll notice is he consistently works, works, works. He doesn’t work 14 hours a day, but he’ll come in for four hours.

He’ll work. He’ll get it done. He’s organized. He’s trying to get. Keep his mental health. He goes to the gym. He’s fit, you know, he’s good. He’s always working on something, right? Well, he was the. Good the first time ever since he came and seeing [00:31:00] that, you know, I was like, you’re so proud.

Lindsay Favazza: Maybe, you know, you’ll have to introduce me to him and he could be another guest on the podcast.

Danijela Matic: Absolutely. I’m sure he would love it. You see Lindsey how this culture of ours can, can be so. Addictive to, to us and so encouraging to us.

Lindsay Favazza: And you know, what is crazy to me is that there’s not more brokerages that are like this, a lot of brokerages, and I’m sure it’s the same in your area. You know, it feels cutthroat, it feels unsupportive.

You feel like. Truly competing with the people that are within your same office. And it just doesn’t make any sense to me because we have the same kind of culture that you’re describing and our agents want to share. They want to help each other. They want to see each other succeed. And it’s just, it doesn’t make sense that you would have it any other way.

Danijela Matic: Yeah, I do. You’re right. There’s not a lot of people out there. It all starts from the top, right. Eagle cried. Right. Do you know how hard it is for a broker to [00:32:00] step away and say, I’m not selling anything? Corey did that last year, after 33 years in the field, that was not an easy decision to make, but when you help them

Lindsay Favazza: yes. And now his team, I think would trust him more because he’s now truly a support role for them.

Danijela Matic: Absolutely. The store, I would say it’s a revolving door. Everyone’s always in and out. Right? Why? Cause he’s made himself available and he talks about talk. Uh, he walks out, walk with us because it’s all good when it’s good.

Right. We come from a market now, like it was an easy in a bad market. Goodie. Are going to really, really stand out versus in a bad, in a good market that we’ve had a lot of bad agents were created. Right? You throw a house on the market, come in after a week. I got a whole folder of offers for ya. One ceiling.

No now the market has changed. [00:33:00] Now we’re rising on the top. All of this training, all of this extra work, everything right. Warren always wanted us to have an elite group of eight. And I’ll tell you other agents look at us when we’re on the indeed. You can, you can tell that they know who we are, especially in a time that happened.

That was like all about the preempt temps preemptive preemptives right. Especially that first year, excuse me. In my, in my real estate where I was the buyers. For me, it was all about the preemptive. Right? Getting it before anyone else getting in on the action, right. Communication with other agents was key.

The relationship was blue belt. I can call any agent now and they’ll say, Hey, Daniella, any agent that’s active that I’ve worked with? Why? Because it was always approached that with kindness. I never had drama with other agents. I’ve never had problem with other agents. We have the same goal.

Lindsay Favazza: Yeah. You have the same goal, but you also just seem like the kind of person that no one can be mad at.

I feel like you’re just like the [00:34:00] smile and the excitement. It’s like, everyone’s just going to want to be a part of that. You know what I mean?

Danijela Matic: I do appreciate that. I can be very aggressive when someone messes with my clients. I, I can see that too. Don’t mess with her.

Lindsay Favazza: Danijela in wrapping up here. I want you to just give the final piece of advice for agents who are listening to this, and they’re saying, you know what? I really want to be that at that level someday, what’s that one piece of advice you’ve given a whole bunch of nuggets during this, but what’s that one thing that you think that they should really focus on to get them to the next level,

Danijela Matic: Stay consistent. In working so first in line, top of mind, right? So we have the CRM systems following those. For example, when I have somebody that is not ready to buy in the next three months, six months or a year, well, what I do is I send them monthly stats. It’s a video of myself. This is what’s happening in Windsor now, or I’m sending them quarterly.

This is what’s selling under 400 with more than two [00:35:00] bathrooms because that’s what you want. Or if they see they’ve moved on. I send them a video and I say, hi, this is Daniella from team Goran, Remax. Next time you need a realtor in Windsor, just search your Google Windsor realtor contact, and I’ll be there.

So I put that in their subject line, Windsor realtor contact. So it’s always embedded in their head and then I stay in touch. So it’s consistently, you’ve got your pipeline is your lifeline. So you’re always farming. You’re always harvesting and you’re always planting. I see the work we put today is going to pay off three months from now, six months from now and understanding that this is a journey and not a race, uh, we’ll get you to that level faster.

And of course the number one thing is having that heart and the care and the relationship with the client because they don’t care what you know, unless they know that you care. So that’s why we lead with heart. That’s why our brokerage is called Remax care Realty. This all happened. You know, we opened this brokerage when the pandemic was on.

So what did they need? The [00:36:00] community needed, love and care. That’s what we gave them. And that’s what we continue to give them, give them being Mexican Realty from. I love it.

Lindsay Favazza: And Goran, if you’re listening, because I know you will thank you for introducing me to her and our audience. Thanks to you because holy crap, we got so much great stuff today from you.

Thank you so much for your time today and for imparting all this wisdom. And we will put into the show notes, some links, some contact information. So if anyone wants to reach out to you to ask you questions, I’m sure you’re, you’re an open book, so I’m sure they’d be able to do that. So we’ll make sure to add that to the show notes.

Danijela, thank you so much. Good luck on the rest of this year. Maybe we’ll do a check-in at the end of the year to see where you end up.

Danijela Matic:. Sounds incredible. Thank you very much. Awesome. Thanks.

Lindsay Favazza: Thanks for listening to the agents who crush it and real estate podcast. We hope you learned some valuable takeaways.

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