We are so pleased to share that Dakota Riley of the Depend on Dakota Team with Keller Williams will be a panelist for the Leap Frogging Your Business panel at the 2020 Crush It in Real Estate Kick off Event! Dakota began in Real Estate in 2008 and has significantly increased the amount of business she has done over this time.  She is excited to share how she did it and what it took to get where she is today.

Dakota and AL

Dakota began working with homes early on and quickly realized she was fascinated with the industry overall.  She went on to get her license to assist a friend with securing loans for flipping homes but was always interested with the transactional side of Real Estate as well. She then transitioned to assisting clients with buying and selling and has never looked back! She has been in the industry for 11 years and has found what she truly loves to do.   

Dakota realized that in order to thrive in this industry she needed to make sure her mind was in the right place. She attended a Tony Robbins event with many exercises designed to shift your mindset. The program allowed her to recognize what was holding her back and what needed be done to have a positive outcome. After attending, she felt a shift in her thoughts.  She has since attended two other similar seminars to keep her mind focused on the work she is doing. Dakota’s mother, who is also her full-time assistant joined her at one of the Tony Robbins events.  Her mother ALSO worked to change her mindset and now assists Dakota and her team to do the same! Dakota recognizes that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and by shifting your mindset, you can be so successful. 

With this shift in mindset, Dakota successfully closed 88 transactions last year as a single agent and this year, decided to start a team of her own. This team is also working to leapfrog their business and has already seen so much success. She credits her achievements not only to her shift in mindset, but the support from the people around her.  She consistently leverages her team and the resources around her to ensure her transactions go smoothly and are handled appropriately should issues arise. For Dakota, there is nothing better than being able to help people reach their goals and getting them to the closing table. When the key is handed over and her clients are happy, she is happy as well.

Everything happens for a reason and Dakota lives by this.  With her positive mindset and taking things as they come, she has been nothing but successful. She is excited to share all this and more during her panel at the Crush it In Real Estate Kick Off event on Thursday January 16th from 1 PM-5PM. For more information on the event and to reserve your spot, please click here

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