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Crush It in Real Estate was started on Facebook back in November of 2017. It was created to give Local and National Realtors a sneak peek as to what all of our REAL training is about. These short digestible videos highlight the the tips, tricks and strategies of these courses in an entertaining way that only Anthony can provide. 

REAL Training & Systems courses teach agents about converting more buyers, getting more listings, lead generation strategy, social media marketing and so much more. It is our mission to give agents access to ground level training conducted by professionals who have closed hundreds and, in many cases, thousands of sales.  

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Buyer Lead Playbook

Mastering Buyer Leads From Call To Contract! These systems, strategies, and methods are the best around and when implemented increase an agent’s conversion rate of their online buyer leads to at least 5% within a few months.

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Buyer Client Roadmap

This course will provide a guide of step-by-step actions on what to do with a buyer once they have committed to working with you; from showing homes, to getting the buyer to making realistic offers, how to navigate multiple offer situations, and how to get your buyer under contract as soon as possible.

Seller Lead Playbook

This course will cover every single step involved in signing up a listing. It will help you improve your skills on the art of not only signing up a listing but getting it at YOUR price and commission. You will learn how to literally walk sellers down a path from the time you first speak to them until they sign your contract.

Listing Client Roadmap

Get Your Listings Closed! This step-by-step course teaches you the art of converting and signing up more listings and will teach you how to close them without the hassles you typically face.

Working By Referral

We will teach you how to work your sphere, but more importantly how to maintain this consistently. You will learn multiple tactics that will help you achieve and maintain Top of Mind Awareness with your sphere. 

Facebook for Realtors

Learn the strategy needed to have a successful Facebook Real Estate page. From what to post, to boosting, to remarketing to your sphere, this course will put you at the top of the Facebook game.

Get the Price Adjustment

Sometimes you hit that point with your seller that you have to have the difficult conversation with about adjusting their price. This course will help you to no longer fear this process and instead master it so you never worry again.

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