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Crush It in Real Estate was started on Facebook back in November of 2017.  It was created to give Local and National Realtors a sneak peek as to what all of our REAL training is about.  These short digestible videos highlight the the tips, tricks and strategies of these courses in an entertaining way that only Anthony can provide. 

The Crush It in Real Estate page is constantly being fed. To see all the videos on the page click here.

To learn more about the actual REAL training courses and how you can receive them see below.

Real Training and Systems is the company that makes and manages all of our Course content that trains our Lamacchia Realty agents, national agents and now even international agents on obtaining leads, converting more into clients and getting homes sold. 

Learn New Skills, Increase Your Sales, Smile More!

As an Agent, a Team Leader, or Broker/Owner you want to increase sales and that is our #1 goal! 

This is not philosophy or ideas, we provide real-life and actionable steps to take your business to the next level.  

There are multiple ways for an Agent to utilize our services:

✅  Follow our many channels that provide FREE tips a few times per week – All Agents

✅  Watch Online Training Courses – National Agents

✅  Join Lamacchia Realty – Local Agents


  • A few times a week we drop knowledge bombs

Online Courses

  • Watch at your own leisure!
  • Be able to share with a team
  • Have access to all of the tools

Join Lamacchia

  • In-person and Interactive
  • Deals with Current Market Conditions
  • Have access to all of the tools
  • Access to Online Courses as they occur
  • Interactive FB group for Q&A
  • Access to Products and Services to assist in higher conversion
  • Use of Agent Help to guide you through any questions you have at any time