COVID-19 REALTOR® Resource Page

About This Page

This page was originally released on March 27, 2020. The main purpose to is to provide REALTORS all over the country with a resource for handling the changes to our industry as a result of COVID-19. The page will continually be updated to ease the difficulty during this challenging time.  

Fellow Realtors,

We are certainly in a strange time in our history but I have no doubt that nothing can beat the Realtor spirit to stand up in the face of tough times and take care of our clients.  We created this page so that it could be a resource for Realtors through this strange and somewhat confusing time.  Below, we have compiled all of the videos I have filmed to update Realtors as well as all the videos that we filmed for buyers and sellers to help you all answer client questions.

Even though I do not normally promote things from my own company on here I felt it was needed to help guide you all on how to deal with your clients.  We have therefore included a link to the resource page and our blog resources that we put on our website  In addition, we have mortgage servicer information that you can take and use to assist your clients with.  We also included links to the various Realtor associations who are working overtime right now to defend ours and our client’s best interests.

In closing, I just want to say this is not a time for sales, this is a time for compassion and for being there for our clients.  I can tell you from experience that when we Realtors are there for our clients in the tough times it comes back to us ten-fold later on. Should you have any additional questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me directly.


Anthony Lamacchia,

CEO/Owner- Crush it in Real Estate / REAL Training and Systems Inc.

agent resources

Our New “Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly turned our world upside down changing our daily routines and behaviors drastically. Although our heightened sense of awareness as to how

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Client resources

To assist your clients, click here to review some of the blogs that Lamacchia Realty, has published.

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buyer/seller video updates

Every Monday Anthony goes live on the Lamacchia Realty Facebook page and on YouTube at 3PM EST with updates for buyers and sellers.  If you find yourself struggling to provide your clients with advice, watch these helpful videos to learn how Anthony is explaining things.

Realtor Association info & Advocacy

Our local and national Realtor organizations have been working tirelessly to provide direction and political advocacy during this unprecedented time.

Mortgage Servicer information

Many of your clients may need help navigating these tricky times or they may need resources for mortgage assistance.

Click below and share with them this powerful resource.