Getting a Price Adjustment

Price adjustments are an art form that you must practice!

We know that for a seller there is a negative stigma for a price adjustment.  But if the home has been listed for a while, it’s time for you and them to have an important conversation.

In this short course we will outline how you can prepare your seller for a price adjustment before even listing the property and we will cover how to do it once the time comes. We have included step-by-step how to discuss with your sellers including scripting and mock meetings.  If this is a place you struggle than this course is perfect for you!

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This Course Includes:

  • Setup your sellers so they know ahead of time when a price adjustment may be necessary
  • How to time it right to get the property sold
  • Conversations with your seller
  • Price adjustment one-liners
  • Objections and rebuttals
  • Our Target pricing model
  • Articles and emails to help support your process

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