Working By Referral

How would you like to build your client base with more referrals?


What it is and how it can help you grow your business immensely?

Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) means being thought of when your sphere needs you most!

This intense step-by-step course teaches agents how to be in more consistent and be better about staying in touch with their sphere in a variety of different ways. This is done by having weekly homework that involves making a certain amount of calls, sending out letters, visiting people, Facebook posts and messages and much more.

You will hear things like, “I was just thinking of you!” or “I got your mailer and I actually just talked to someone the other day that wants to sell their house.”

This is a promotional video for our Working By Referral course as well as an introduction to our online training center.

Ready to receive more more referrals than ever before?

This course is like no other REAL Training Course because it rewards agents with additional marketing collateral and advertising materials for use with their client base to achieve TOMA.  Agents who take the course and follow it each week will undoubtedly see an increase in their By Referral business right away.


This Course Will Include:

  • Learning the power of working by referral
  • Learning how to leverage your social media platforms to build business
  • Learn how to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger to your advantage
  • Learning the power of flyers and mailers
  • How to have meaningful conversations with past clients
  • Techniques to stay consistently in touch with your sphere
  • Collateral materials for those who follow along
  • And much more!

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