REAL Training makes a difference and has a positive impact on agents business!

About REAL Training Courses

Our REAL Training Course Leaders know which strategies work and which ones don’t. By providing training that divulges into real world situations we empower our agents to always be taking their businesses to the next level. 

Participating in our REAL Training is an important decision that will affect your future success. The right company with the proper support and proven training program will ensure you reach your goals!

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Upcoming REAL Training Courses

REAL Training Basics
Currently running
Buyer Course – Part 1 Lead to Sign-Up
Currently running
Listing Course Part 2 – Sign-Up to Close
MArch 2019
Buyer Sign-Up to Close Course
Will be offered in March 2019

Anthony and members of our Leadership Team conduct training courses on a weekly basis with morning & afternoon sessions.

Ask Yourself A Few Questions:

  • Are you interested in making more money sooner rather than later?
  • Are you willing to attend training class to make the most money?
  • Do you agree you need a strong foundation to build your career on?
  • Do you truly want to improve your skills and make more money?

What We Do:

  • Share scripts, dialogues & best practices
  • Share lead generation techniques
  • Share strategies our top agents use
  • Share ways to acquire skill based habits
  • Teach how to use the tools of our cutting-edge technology
  • Create a supportive environment where our entire company works together