Building Relationships with other REALTORS® is Important

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You should always be working to develop realtor relationships. Many, many realtors not understanding the value of having relationships with other realtors, having friendships with other realtors, and you know those that are involved in their various realtor associations. They get it or they end up getting it quick once they’re involved, but many of you aren’t involved.

Many of you have never been to a realtor association event, which by the way is completely crazy, but so much value comes out of that. So whether it’s going to realtor events or interacting with one another on offers or one another on showing, it pays dividends to be friends with and friendly. With your competitors in this business, we are in a cooperating business.

So when you’re in a multiple offer situation and you don’t know the listing agent and you kind of feel like you don’t have the inside track, well if you made friends with them in advance, if you got to know them in advance, and how does that come? More transactions, more sales. Over the years, attending realtor events, attending open houses, attending broker open houses, and getting to know one another.

So that at some point when you do have an offer on their listing or they’ve got one on yours, now you have pre-established rapport. Doesn’t mean you have to be their best friend and hang out on Sundays. We all call people back more, uh, quickly and more likely to call people back when we know them, when there’s some pre-established connection, previous connection, that’s what’s important.