Build Relationships before you NEED them

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Anthony Lamacchia:

“Make a friend before you need one. Words of wisdom from my good friend Andy Perck out in the Berkshires. He talked about that in a recent podcast with Lindsay Favazza, and it caught my ear because, folks, it’s something that I’ve been doing for decades. For decades.

So, when people asked me more recently, ‘How are you acquiring all these companies? How do you know all these people?’ Folks, many of these companies, many of these people, I’ve known them for a very long time. Not all, but many. And if I don’t know them for a long time, I know an acquaintance of theirs for a long time.

And folks, that’s something that I think is missed in the business world a lot. We are in a relationship business. And truth be told, folks, pretty much every business is a relationship business, but I think more so when you’re talking about the real estate space.

One thing I noticed is many business owners are kind of like teenagers. I’ve got three teenagers working around my house, and sometimes I hear, ‘I don’t know them. What do I need to go there for? What am I going to…? I don’t know them.’ Well, hold on a second. Why don’t you get to know them? Right? Why don’t you get to know them? I mean, woo, scary.

Same thing in the business world, folks. For those of you that are out there that are in your cocoon, in your little bubble, and you don’t put time into going to real estate events and going out to different things and picking up the phone and talking to people, well, that has the negative impact on your business. Think about that, folks.”

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