Boost Your Business & Take Time Off

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Yes, you can go on vacation, you can get time away, you can take a break, and not only you can, you should. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate on the beautiful Palm Beach here with Ms. Joselin Malkhasian, one of our top realtors in the company, sold over 30 million, I don’t know, the last–

Joselin: Over 40 million.

Anthony: Over 40 million the last few years. I want to talk to you. I brought her in to talk to us about how you get away and how you even have moments of hesitation with it. Come on, spill the beans.

Joselin: All the time. I almost didn’t come on this trip because when you’re in the grind and when you’re working, the start of the new year attacking goals, you feel like, I can’t get away, I can’t leave my business right now, but that’s when you should be leaving your business because a clear mind is going to help you work on your business and actually plan for what’s going on.

Anthony: Well, and you do a better job for your clients.

Joselin: Absolutely, and you have to take the time for yourself. I’m working every morning in the hotel room before I leave, but then once I’m down on the beach, phone is away. I am not looking at it. Nothing is more important than an hour, just relaxing. Then, later in the day, I’m back up there working, taking care of my clients, servicing my clients. You have to take the time for you. That’s what I’m figuring out.

Anthony: You’re 100% right about that. About three years ago, I did a Crush It video down there at the Marriott, talking about this exact thing where I said, “Early in the morning, I spend about 45 minutes catching up on emails, sending voice notes to different people, getting the day on the right track, then I put it away. Then before dinner, I check again.” You basically just said the same thing.

Joselin: Same thing. That’s exactly what I do.

Anthony: It works. Here’s the thing, guys, and I know there’s a lot of controversy out there with COVID and all that, but you can get away. I’ve been on planes for 18 months. I haven’t got COVID, probably get it after I say this publicly, but I haven’t yet. We came here, we were safe, we were careful, and we’ve had an awesome six days here, and awesome time.

Yesterday, Joselin was mentioning how she has this schedule so that she gets basically eight hours during the day, and then she gets her time at night. Her clients are still being cared for. She has people covering. She does such a wonderful job for our clients. I said, “I want you to talk about this with our Crush It audience.” Anything else to add?

Joselin: It not only does it make you a better realtor in your business, but you have to spend time with your family. My husband and I haven’t taken a vacation together in over two years because of COVID fears. This time it’s like we’ve become newlyweds again. We’re on our honeymoon again after 10 years of marriage. We’ve been having such a great time. Thank you for taking us on this trip.

Anthony: Of course, you earned it.

Joselin: Honestly, it was trying to pull away from the business and let go of COVID fears that has not allowed us to vacation. Do it. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I got here.

Anthony: Well, like I said, you’ve earned it. It’s good you came. Now, this’ll probably air in a couple of weeks, but where should everybody watching be on February 10th?

Joselin: The Crush It event. I leave the Crush It event hyped and ready to go. I feel like I could run through a brick wall after those. It’s the number one thing to light the fire under your bum.

Anthony: Awesome. Happy home selling, my friends. Talk to you soon.

Joselin: Thank you.