Big Week Ahead

Video transcript for "Big Week Ahead":

Anthony Lamacchia: Big week folks, big week headed down to New York City tomorrow for Inman Connect. It will be a great event, going to be down there for a few days on stage several times with several speakers. I’m the MC of the general session, it’s going to be awesome. Then later in the week on the news I’ll be on Fox 25, Boston 25, talking all things real estate with a housing market update, recap of 2023, predictions ’24, and talking about that new housing bill that Governor Healey proposed.

Then Friday afternoon, my debate with Michael Ketchmark. Looking forward to that. You know, I was just thinking, as I’m here at my son’s ski lesson, he’s getting ready over there. I’m grateful. I’m grateful to have all these opportunities and all these things to do in. That’s something I think we all have to remember. Then, the week after, even though I’m talking this week, week after we’ve got our Crush It in at Real Estate event, we announced just yesterday, the president of the National Association of Realtors, Kevin Sears, will be on stage talking about lots of what’s going on.

There’s plenty to talk about. Many of you are looking for answers. He’ll be on our Crush It stage, along with several other awesome speakers and extremely well-respected people throughout the industry. As of this morning, we have almost 900 realtors signed up, 600 of which are from outside the company. If you haven’t signed up yet, let’s go, folks.

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