Best Time to List

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Anthony Lamacchia:

Do you have a sell/buy prospect right now that is telling you, “Well, I’m just not ready. I’m not ready to list my house. I’m not ready.” Now, when they tell you that, many realtors hear that and believe, “Okay, they’re just not ready.” Folks, it’s not true. Stop believing what the client or prospect tells you, okay? What’s happening is they’re going online. They’re going on to Zillow, or,, and they’re searching for where they would want to move to and they’re not finding it. When they don’t find any possibilities of where they’d want to move to, they say, “I’m not ready.”

What they don’t realize is they are missing out on the best time of year to list their home. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, the number one time of year to list a home in the Northern States here in New England, here in Massachusetts is undoubtedly February and March. Why? Because inventory is still low, but buyers are already out. Buyers are on the prowl. When those very people wait 60 or 90 days until they start to see more inventory coming onto the market on those websites and then they list their home, they do not sell for as much. They do not get as much for their home as they would right now. They also are not able to negotiate as well as they would right now.

Home sellers who list now, not only they can get more money, but they have more leverage in the negotiation and they can more easily negotiate a longer closing date or maybe a contingency like subject to the sale of seller finding suitable housing. Good luck negotiating those kinds of things in the summer when sellers don’t have as much luck. Now is when they’re going to have more leverage. Make sure you are clear as a realtor on this and make sure to relay this to your sell/buy prospects in clients so that they get moving.

In a perfect world, the best way to go about it is to list right now while it’s still cold out while it’s still winter. Get offers, solicit offers, get the home under contract, negotiate a long closing date and/or a contingency that it’s subject to seller finding suitable housing. That way the closing is more so in the summer and then around April or May, then they work hard to find a home and figure out where they’re going to go because by then there’s more inventory on and it’s a better time to buy then than it is now.

If you can explain this to your sellers, use housing inventory data, show them charts, show them graphs like the ones that we have on that clearly show inventories lower in the winter and it goes up as we get into spring and summer. Show them things like that. Don’t just tell them because if you can convince them, it will be better for them, right? It is better for the client if you can convince them of that and get them to see that. I hope that makes sense. Good luck fellow realtors. Happy home selling.

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