Be Concerned When People Aren’t Talking About You!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Be concerned when people aren’t talking about you. When people stop talking about you, be concerned. Too often do I see people that start to have some success get all stressed, and all frustrated, and all worked up because they heard that someone said something to someone about them. Who cares. This isn’t high school.

I’ll be honest, I’m human. Once in a while when I hear things or I hear them repeated, I’ll get a little worked up too. Nine times out of ten, I hear things or I hear people saying things about me and I’m like, great. I hope they keep talking. I’ll be concerned when people aren’t talking about me.

You got to think of that. You have to have a different mindset because oftentimes, what people do is they get themselves all wound up when they hear that someone’s talking bad about them or not necessarily talking bad, but talking about them. They say, “I don’t understand why people can’t just mind their own business and worry about them. Why do they need to worry about me?” blah, blah?

Let them worry about you. Let them talk about you. Again, be concerned when people aren’t talking about you. If they’re not talking about you, you must not be doing very much. I had this conversation with probably four people in the last month that got all worked up about different things from people. Look, we have a company with nearly 400 people now. We make all kinds of bold moves, we run fast, we break things. We make mistakes sometimes. Yes, it happens.

People talk. People talk about me. I get a lot of praise. My friends that I grew up with, they laugh at me. They’re like, Anthony, I’ve never seen anybody get more praise on Facebook than you. I also get criticism. Nine times out of ten, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t even let it bother me a little bit. I don’t care because here’s the deal. I’m more concerned about continuing on my path, working hard, staying focused on what the goals that I want to achieve.

Along the way, if I get some criticism, good, who cares? This is something that people need to start thinking about. You need to tell yourself this because I see successful people get too worked up and too distracted. That’s the key, too distracted. Now, where am I, my friends? I posted on Facebook last night that I was on a secret mission. Then I posted a picture of when I was landing.

A lot of people said, Miami. Am I in Miami? I’ll be talking about where I am a lot in the days to come. Think about this. Don’t let it bother you when people talk about you. Be concerned when they’re not talking about you. Have a great day everybody. I got to go get ready. First meeting’s at eight.