Be Careful What You Post

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Anthony Lamacchia: Facebook is like the front page of the newspaper, my friends. When are you going to get that? I know some of you get it, but many of you don’t. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate. I want to spend a minute talking to you all about protecting your business and not saying stupid things on Facebook. I see people commenting on other people’s posts. I see people posting things that is just crazy. Sometimes I think when they do a post it’s more letting steam off, giving opinions. Fine, I understand some of that’s warranted. It’s a public forum. You want to do that, but many of you take it too far.

I think people especially put their guard down when they comment on other people’s posts. You’ve got to think a little. You can’t just go saying some outrageous thing, or some outrageous thing that you do in your business or complain about your clients or complain about your agents on a public forum. They’re going to see it. Even if it’s a secret group. Think how easy it is to screenshot now. Heck, even my dad knows how to screenshot now. This is a big deal in the Lamacchia family. You’ve got to keep these kinds of things in mind. That’s all, my friends. Be careful, and don’t be scared to do video. I know I say it all the time, but videos will really help your business. Have a good day.