Bad Online Review!?

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Anthony: Did you get a bad review? Is it freaking you out, ruining your day? Are you losing sleep all because of a bad review? I have news for you all. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate.

It is not the end of the world if you get a bad review. No one’s going to die, no one’s going to go completely out of business. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s frustrating. No one wants a bad review, no one wants bad things said about them, but I have news for you. If you do enough business, it will happen on occasion. You will have an unhappy customer. That’s the way it goes. The customer is not always right. They’re not. I did a video on that about a year and a half ago, and you all loved it.

Now, if you start getting bad reviews repeatedly, and they’re all saying the same thing, at some point, you got to look in the mirror and say, “All right, is it something I’m doing? I need to improve here.” If it’s just a one-off, if you’ve had hundreds of clients or dozens and dozens and dozens of clients and everybody’s putting positive reviews, and suddenly you get a bad one, don’t let it ruin your life. Welcome to the big leagues. That’s something that I’ve said to agents. I said it to one of our best agents in the whole company yesterday. Completely unreasonable buyer. Completely unreasonable, did a post and said, “If you want to waste your time with this agent, call them,” because she’s so mad that this agent didn’t find them something off-market.

Here we are in the lowest inventory market in history and this buyer doesn’t have the decency to say, “Geez, maybe this is frustrating for this agent as well. Maybe it’s not just me.” Last year, we had a property that I believe one of our agents represented a buyer. That was what it was. It was a listing agent at another company who’s very well known, very well respected, I’ve known her a long time. Our buyer that was working with one of our agents put up a terrible review about the listing agent. The listing agent called me. You would have thought someone took one of her children. She was so angry, so down and upset. I said, “Relax. I’m with you. This sounds entirely unreasonable. Let me look into it.”

I looked into it, I confirmed it was unreasonable, we got in touch with the buyer, I called the listing agent back who I’d known a long time and I said, “Okay, we’re working on it. We’re trying to get them a little more educated so they understand that this wasn’t your fault, but in the meantime, don’t go having a coronary over it thinking you’re going to die because someone said something bad about you. You’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of homes in your market for years. You’re very well respected. This is your first bad review in 30 years.” I said, “Welcome to the big leagues.” I actually went on to mail that agent Big League Chew, the gum, the Big League Chew, and we joke about it to this day.

If you happen to get a bad review, first thing you do, look in the mirror. “Should I have done something better?” Give them a call, contact, speak to them about it openly. Try to educate them. If you did something wrong, tell them, “My bad. I could have did better on that, but do you really need to have a bad review up? That affects my business long-term. It affects my children.” If they’re unreasonable and they won’t take it down, get more positive reviews and move on. You’re not going to go out of business, no one’s going to die, no one has a terminal illness because of a bad review. There are unreasonable people in the world, there are unreasonable customers in the world, and they are not always right. Keep your head high, keep on charging forward, and keep crushing it in real estate, my friends. I’ll see you later this week. I’ll be somewhere special putting on a bunch of Crush-It videos. See you then.