Are You Questioning Your Love of Being a Realtor?

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Two years ago. I love my clients. I love the real estate business. I love investing in myself, which is an investment in my clients. I go to all the training I can because I’m training for my clients. I love the business. Fast forward to today, the last six months, eh? Do I love this? Am I sure I want to keep doing this.

Oh my God. Is that you? A lot, a lot of realtors out there feeling that way right now, and someone like me doesn’t really understand why. Of course, I try to have some compassion and have an understanding, but guys, let’s be real. Okay. Do you think business is easy? Did you think being in real estate would be easy at all times if you were paying attention to the stats?

The data that is put out all over the place from the realtor association, from me, from many, you would’ve known we were in a peak. Season at that time, we were in a, in a, in a once in a 15 year peak, right? And you would’ve prepared yourself for this. The other thing that you have to remember is you are not the only one dealing with this different market.

Everyone is dealing with it. I remember it back at the beginning of Covid, when people would say to me, how do you remain so optimistic? How are you so upbeat? Aren’t you scared? Aren’t you this aren’t you? That I say, no. One thing I always say to myself, anytime I might get close to having a moment is my competitors are dealing with this too, and I am gonna deal with it better than them.

That’s one thing I always say to myself and competitors, if you’re listening, yes. I say that to myself, okay? Uh, and I think in most cases I do. But folks, this is business. This is life. When you are a realtor, you are essentially a business person. You are an entrepreneur, you are. Someone who is in business and you have to accept and expect.

That there’s gonna be bumpy times. Right now we’re in this very weird early 1980s lifetime where people don’t really wanna list their homes. That’s why homes listed were down in the first quarter least amount of homes listed in any first quarter back as far as records have been kept. Do you think that’s gonna last forever?

Of course not. It can’t. Will it last the year and probably part of last year? I’m sorry. Next year, yeah, probably. And how long that lasts? Well, it depends on what happens with the economy. The worse the economy gets, the faster interest rates will come down, and the more pressure there will be on home sellers to not hold onto their interest rate and to just list their home.

Either way, it will change good times, never last forever, bad times never last forever. We’re obviously in a tricky time. But you should think back to the original reason that you got into real estate and think about your original feelings back when the market was good and when you were selling homes and all your buyers had fear of missing out and your sellers were dying to sell and trade up to a larger home, and how much you loved it, then how much it meant to you.

Then think about those feelings because you can get those back. Okay? You should love the business just as much. Folks. Here’s the fact. Here’s what goes on in my head. I love the real estate business just as much, and in actuality, I actually love times like this. I really do. I thrive off it. To me, it’s a challenge and that’s that.

So think back on that. Think about the opportunities. Find the opportunities, double down, triple down, whatever you have to do and get after it. Cause it isn’t like every, you know, everyone is dealing with the situation, but everyone’s business is not hurting. Cause some are doubling down, tripling down, and doing more to make up for it.

That’s all. Folks right here on Fort Lauderdale Beach have a training tour event later today that I’m excited about. We got about 75 realtors coming and I’m gonna be talking about many things. Down here in South Florida. Like pricing and pricing. Right? Cause that’s gonna become necessary soon. Especially down here with condos.

Alright, folks across the street don’t feel like hit by a car, so wonderful. Thank you.