Are You Present In Meetings?

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia: You walk into a meeting with a black bag over your head, sit down and participate literally with a black bag over your head? No, who would do that? That sounds ridiculous, right? Well, then why do you keep your camera off with Zoom all the time? When you’re on Zoom, why is your camera always off? Think about that one. Are you present? Are you really present? Are you holding yourself as accountable as the others that are in the meeting with the camera on? Probably not.

Anthony Lamacchia here, with Crush It In Real Estate from the beautiful Lake Tahoe, my friends, at the Cheplak Live Mastermind. Look at this. It’s such a big lake? It’s got waves. It’s incredible. Here it is up here. We’re on a break right now. Somebody brought this up this morning in the training. I thought it was great. I’ve said this to people when I’m doing trainings on Zoom.

Now, I understand there’s obviously exceptions, people, they’re not ready in time or something comes up, or they’re watching from their kitchen and their kid is there. Let’s be honest. Let’s be serious. Of all the times that your camera is off, how many times is there a legitimate reason to have it off and how many times that you’re just trying to email and maybe work on something, write up an offer, text, I don’t know what it might be, right? Think about that. You will be more effective in business if you are present.

I remember years ago, I got invited to something down in Texas. It was a real estate event. The guy who was nice enough to invite me says to me, “Hey, you can bring your laptop down.” I said, “I didn’t fly to Texas to sit in the conference room and be on my laptop, working. I came here because I wanted to listen.” One of the speakers was Gary Keller. You think I’m going to be dumb enough to be on my laptop when Gary Keller is speaking? The guy’s built an empire. I want to listen. I happen to compete with him every day, but I don’t care, even more reason to listen.

Think about that. Think about being present. Don’t get Zoom-lazy. Also, don’t avoid going to things in person when you can. Wear a mask if you’re concerned. Every week I see who the committed ones are in our company. They’re coming to training with their masks on. Nothing wrong with that because they know in person’s better. I didn’t fly here to Lake Tahoe because I think Zoom is better. I could’ve watched this from Zoom. It would have been a little hard to speak tomorrow from Zoom. Part of the reason I’m here is because I will be speaking. You guys get my point.

Be present. Be in the moment. 100% focus. You would never go in a meeting with a black bag over your head. Have a good day, my friend. On a break, and I’m going to head back in. We got another hour, then some dinner and things like that, fun stuff, and then tomorrow I’m up at 9:00 AM sharp talking about some interesting things, a subject I’ve never covered before. Have a good night, everybody. Happy home selling from Lake Tahoe.