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Anthony: Are you getting paid to stay? Well, if you’re at one of those companies that pays realtors to stay, then you should be if you plan to stay. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate. I’m here to talk to you about this somewhat awkward topic. What I want to talk about is how, if you are one of these realtors that are at one of these companies, and there’s not that many, there’s two or three really that pay people to stay and pay people to join.

Well, if you’ve decided that you’re going to be loyal and you’re going to stay at one of those companies, you would better make sure you’re getting paid. Really, if people around you are getting paid, why shouldn’t you get paid? Think about that. Now, there’s two types of brokerages. I talked about this in my couple of videos that I did on this topic right here a few months back. There’s brokerages that are value-based. They invest their dollars in technology and products and services and leads and all these different things that help realtors grow their businesses, sustain their businesses.

Maybe, in some cases, for top agents help them get their businesses under control so that they can have a life, that’s value-based. Then over here is what I call money-based. They just give some money away. “Oh, you’re thinking of joining here. I’ll pay you this much to join. Oh, you’re worrying. You might leave. Let me pay you to stay.” They do that because in my opinion and I know they’re going to hear me say this, they’re more desperate. It is what it is. Remember the Starbucks example I used months back. Starbucks coffee is so good. They don’t pay you to go in every morning and buy their coffee. Why would they? Their coffee’s so good that people go in and pay them to get the coffee. Same difference.

The point I’m getting at in this video, not going to go over what I went over a month ago in too much depth, I just touched on it, is this, if you have made the decision that you’re going to stay at one of these brokerages that pays people to stay, you’d better be getting paid. Don’t be shy. Go to your manager. Go to your VP, your regional manager. I don’t know what it is, President of company, seriously. Listen, being shy in life gets you nowhere. Be aggressive. Email them, talk to them, push them.

Why wouldn’t you be getting paid? If I’m in your shoes, I’d say, “Hey, I’m hearing that people around here are getting paid to join. I’m hearing that people around here are getting paid to stay. Why aren’t I getting paid to stay? I want to get paid.” That’s what you should be doing if you’ve made the decision that you’re staying at one of those companies or if you’re smart, tell them you’re thinking of leaving.

If you tell them you’re thinking of leaving, then the chances of them paying you and the dollar amount goes up. I hope that makes sense. Only trying to help fellow realtors as I always do on here. Whether it helps my company or hurts my company, that’s what I do on Crush It In Real Estate. Have a great week, everyone.