Anthony Lamacchia's 2024 Real Estate Market Predictions

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Anthony Lamacchia: 2023 is finally behind us, happy New Year. 2023 had the least amount of home sales than any other year, at least back to 2011, depending upon what state you’re in, and in some states, it was worse than that, it was even longer. What does that mean for 2024? I broke down all of that in my housing market predictions. Every single year, I put out predictions, and you can find them at Anthony’s predictions. Every year, I break down what happened in the prior year, what I expect to happen in the coming year. I put them out the day after Christmas. If you haven’t read them yet, you should. They’re lengthy, a lot of charts, a lot of graphs. I broke down homes listed, pending, sold, went through the New England states and South Florida, the two markets that we spend the most time in, but I also talked in a more broad sense, and most of what I explained is true for the entire country. And I gave some updated mortgage interest rate predictions. If you pay attention to my predictions, you will know that one year ago, right now, I was pretty much the only person calling for rates to go up, higher rates to go over seven before they came back down. Many were saying rates are going to keep coming down. I said no, and I was right about that. I was right about a lot of things, and there’s a couple of things that I wasn’t right on, and I broke them down in this year’s 2024 predictions. So log on to Anthony’s predictions, or click the link here in the story or the bio or wherever, but if you want to find them, you will. And if you’re motivated to have a big 2024, you need to make sure you are extremely educated on what’s going on in the market so that you can educate your clients because when you educate, you attract, just like I’m doing right here with you. That’s all folks, good luck, happy home selling.

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