Anthony Lamacchia vs Michael Ketchmark Debate Reminder

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Anthony Lamacchia is the Founder and CEO of Lamacchia Realty, a multi-state real estate company.

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Summer of 'Anthony Lamacchia vs Michael Ketchmark Debate Reminder'

In this video, Anthony Lamacchia announces an upcoming live debate with Michael Ketchmark, the lead plaintiff attorney in the Sitzer/Burnett lawsuit in Missouri that Anthony describes as a “ridiculous money-grabbing, pocket-picking” case, potentially impacting the entire real estate industry. The debate, set to occur one week from the video’s publication date, will be hosted by Housing Wire, and Anthony encouraged viewers to register for the event through a link provided in the video comments.

  1. The annual Crush It In Real Estate event, scheduled two weeks from the day before the video was published, will be held at the Hines Convention Center in Boston. This event promises a lineup of influential speakers from across the real estate industry, with over 750 Realtors already registered, half of whom are not affiliated with Anthony’s company. Anthony anticipates over a thousand Realtor attendees and teases the announcement of another speaker for the event, hinting at addressing concerns regarding leadership and accountability in the industry.
  2. Anthony concludes by congratulating Shawn Panosian on a successful Accelerate event, expressing gratitude to everyone involved.

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Anthony Lamacchia: Three things to tell you about and also some reminders. One week from today I debate Michael Ketchmark, the lead plaintiff attorney in the ridiculous money-grabbing, pocket-picking lawsuit in the Sitzer/Burnett case in Missouri that’s affecting our whole business and could have major implications for our whole business. Michael Ketchmark and I are going to debate about that live on HousingWire. See the comments for the link to sign up if you haven’t already. That’s number one.

Number two, two weeks from yesterday we are going to have our annual Crush It In Real Estate event. This year it’s going to be at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. We have a fantastic lineup of speakers. Total bosses from across the industry, from across the country. We already have over 750 realtors signed up. Half of which are not even at my company. They’re from other companies, and we usually get most of the signups in the last two weeks. We’re expecting over 1000 realtors. Also, tomorrow we will be announcing another speaker for the Crush It In Real Estate event. I’ll give you a hint on who it is. For those of you that are saying NAR is not in the front line. NAR is not facing the music. Where’s the leadership of NAR? What are they doing? You won’t be able to say this after this event. The link for signup is in the comment. That’s all folks. By the way, congrats Shawn Panosian, sick and awesome accelerate event yesterday. Thanks, everybody.