An Interview with Alison Fiorenzi

Alison Fiorenzi, REALTOR®

Alison Fiorenzi has been a Realtor for the past year and a half and works in the Metrowest area. We wanted to delve into why she decided to change careers at this point in her life.

Alison FiorenziSQ

What did you do before you became a Realtor?

I was a hairdresser for over 25 years and owned my own hair salon for 6 of those years. I was also a massage therapist and am currently still a certified health coach. 

When were you first starting to think about making the switch to real estate?

Originally, my husband tried to get me to get into real estate. I want to say, almost 20 years ago. We do own rental properties and he thought that it would be a huge benefit to me to be a real estate agent so I could manage our properties, as well as, help us buy future properties. I have the knowledge of the buying and the managing aspect of it, and he just knew with my personality that it would fit, but I decided not to do it then because I had two babies, so I put it off until my kids were at the point where I knew I could dedicate 100% to it.

Once my kids were old enough I was ready to get into something where I could take my skills and the need for helping people to a whole other level and get them into their dream homes and help them in that respect.

Have you used alot of the skills from hairdressing and your connections with people over in the real estate world?

Yes! My people skills especially. Number one for me is to just connect myself with them personally and not just as a business transaction. I look at each person and find that way to connect with them.

Give us a rundown of some of the successes you had in your first year.

Crush It realtors on panel at training center course

First and foremost, being with you guys. You’ve gotten me out of my shell! Even though I was a hairdresser with my own hair salon, I was the most shy and insecure person. However, behind my hairdressing chair, I was a rock star and I could be myself, but out in the real world I was the little scared one who stood in the corner. I’ve learned so much from all the training and tips you guys have given us. Even just practicing the scripts has allowed me to come out of my shell and just walk into any situation with confidence. I’ve learned to speak in front of people. I could never do this before!

You guys helped me jump the biggest hurdle which was to completely get out of my comfort zone and it’s been amazing!

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