Amy Wallick – Speaker at Crush It Kick-Off Event

We are proud to announce that Amy Wallick of J. Barrett & Company will officially be speaking at the Crush It In Real Estate 2020 Kick Off Event! Amy will be a panelist on the Consistently Crushing It Panel where she will share how she manages to stay at the top of her industry no matter what.

Amy and AL

She has been in real estate since 2008, selling 30 properties in the last year alone! She was fresh out of college and processing loans when she got her first taste of the industry. She enjoyed the business so much she decided to take a leap and get licensed as an agent.

Amy didn’t get to where she was by skating by, she had to hustle for her first big jump in sales. She followed the business wherever it was and worked on every single type of deal, no matter how difficult. She had to build a big enough sphere, both socially and professionally, in order to get to where she is now. Once she grew that sphere, she was able to skyrocket her business with the help of referrals from happy clients.  

Her secret to success is straightforward– network. She makes sure not to focus on only making new connections, which can be an easy mistake to make as an agent. Instead she makes a point to keep in touch with everyone in her network, whether that be fellow agents, contractors, or most importantly, clients. She values maintaining a relationship with her clients long after the final closing date.

Balancing her work with her personal life is one of Amy’s biggest challenges as a Realtor. She recognizes the importance of asking for help when needed and choosing your priorities to avoid being consumed by the job. Despite its challenges, Amy loves being a Realtor and how every day is different. She’s able to meet new people from all walks of life and help them achieve major life milestones! Not every career can say that.

The Crush It Real Estate 2020 Kick Off Event will be on January 16th, 2020. The event will feature Realtors like Amy from all over MA that are proving to be forces of nature within the industry, whether they have been in the business for 2 years or 2 decades.

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